Revolutionizing Privacy Due Diligence: Launches Its TrustHub Platform to Enhance Business-to-Business Trust


hoggo is a privacy-tech startup, that automates privacy assessments for SaaS buyers and sellers by enhancing business-to-business trust.

Automate privacy assessments with the hoggo platform

hoggo, a privacy-tech startup which helps SaaS buyers and sellers to assess and mitigate privacy risks in a seamless way, proudly announces the launch of its TrustHub SaaS platform. This innovative product is designed to streamline and expedite the privacy due diligence process for B2B companies, addressing the challenges of manual and inconsistent workflows that often consume substantial resources for both sides, B2B SaaS sellers and buyers. It’s like TripAdvisor for data privacy. TrustHub is available to all for free, by visiting:

Privacy due diligence is a critical aspect of business operations, especially in the current regulatory landscape where data protection and privacy compliance are constantly changing. In addition, according to a recent survey by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), privacy is becoming a top-10 risk for organizations, as neglecting it might lead to exposure to vendor risks, data breaches, fines and brand damage. hoggo recognizes the need for a more efficient and streamlined solution, and with that in mind, has developed TrustHub, a comprehensive platform that simplifies and accelerates the entire process.

Key Features of TrustHub:

  • Automated Workflows: hoggo automates and standardizes privacy due diligence processes, reducing the time and effort traditionally spent on manual tasks. This ensures consistency and accuracy in every vendor risk assessment.
  • Expert-Driven: Developed by experienced privacy professionals and former Data Protection Officers (DPOs) in collaboration with IT specialists, hoggo leverages industry expertise to provide a robust and reliable platform.
  • Enhanced Trust and Compliance: By streamlining privacy due diligence, TrustHub not only saves valuable resources but also boosts Consumer Trust. The platform ensures that all parties involved are fostering transparency and compliance, which in turn, builds trust and leads to longer business relationships.
  • Faster Deal Closures: With the efficiency gains offered by TrustHub, B2B companies can expedite their due diligence processes, leading to faster deal closures. This acceleration is a game-changer in today's fast-paced business environment.

hoggo’s Co-Founder and CEO, Samuel Solberg, commented, "Our team is excited to introduce a unique solution that addresses a critical pain point for B2B companies engaged in privacy due diligence. By combining the expertise of privacy professionals with AI and cutting-edge technology, we believe TrustHub will revolutionize the way businesses approach and navigate privacy assessments."

TrustHub is completely free to use, and will always be. Start building trust today by claiming your company’s Privacy Passport and see how it can transform your privacy due diligence processes. visit

About hoggo:

hoggo is a young privacy-tech startup, committed to helping businesses to automate privacy assessments and mitigate privacy risks effectively. Our team of experts, including experienced privacy professionals and IT specialists, is dedicated to build transparency around data privacy practices, and thus simplifying tiresome workflows and boosting consumer trust.

Contact Information:
Noa Kahalon
Co-Founder & COO
[email protected]

Original Source: Revolutionizing Privacy Due Diligence: Launches Its TrustHub Platform to Enhance Business-to-Business Trust

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