Papé Reaches Milestone 85th Year as Trusted Capital Equipment Dealer of the West


A Look Back at 85 Years of Growth and Expansion: Papé's Journey From a Single Equipment Dealership in Oregon to a Premier Dealer in the West

Papé is celebrating its 85th year as the premier capital equipment dealer of the West through a consistent dedication to supporting local communities, employing countless families, and providing customers with the highest caliber of end-to-end solutions and reliable service.

Since 1938, when E.C. Papé acquired his first equipment dealership in Oregon's Willamette Valley, the standards of quality and service he created have remained the same. Today, Papé provides consistent, quality customer service for the warehouse workers, truckers, loggers, construction workers, and farmers who build the West. 

After E.C.'s sons, Ed and Dean Papé, took over the family business in 1945, they expanded the dealership in 1952 to support customers in Roseburg and Coos Bay, Oregon, and later acquired the Caterpillar Dealership. In 1978, Papé modified the Caterpillar 245 Excavator for the logging industry. This development created an entirely new method of transporting trees in the Cascades known as Shovel logging, which uses a log loader to swing logs to the forest road. Since Papé began modifying Caterpillar machinery, the company has stood at the forefront of innovation for customers, dealers, and manufacturers. 

Over the next 30 years, the Papé Group has also grown to include Ditch Witch underground construction equipment, John Deere Construction & Forestry, Kenworth Trucks, and John Deere Agriculture & Turf.

With its growth, the Papé Group has remained true to its core values of customer service and reliability, which fueled its growth into the modern age. From selling and servicing the equipment used to build Interstate 5 through Oregon to supporting the movement toward cleaner and more sustainable fuel, Papé has built its reputation on the belief of an honest deal and a firm handshake. Each branch of Papé works with best-in-class manufacturers for each industry to keep customers moving with innovation and end-to-end capital equipment solutions. 

As a fourth-generation, family-owned company, Papé is dedicated to supporting local charities, such as FFA organizations, education foundations, family centers, churches, children's hospitals, and many more. Papé serves as an annual sponsor for United Way of Lane County, which focuses on creating a community where all kids can be successful in school and life. Papé also sponsors equipment for various schools and athletic programs. 

Today, Papé is consistently committed to delivering the best capital equipment solutions with a footprint that started in Oregon and grew throughout the West in Washington, California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, and Alaska. 

Innovation, expansion, and community involvement play significant roles in Papé's success as the preeminent equipment dealer and reliable partner that keeps the West moving. Over the next 85 years, Papé will remain true to the guiding principles customers rely on while looking forward to the future for new, innovative methods to maximize uptime in the years to come.

About PAPÉ GROUP: Papé is your provider for all your end-to-end solutions and premium capital equipment needs. Serving the West for 85 years, we maximize our customers' uptime through top-quality equipment, convenient maintenance service, and the best customer service. As the leading supplier of construction, logging, material handling, landscaping, trenching, and farm equipment, as well as semi-trucks and warehouse products, Papé makes good on providing our customers with end-to-end solutions. Papé has remained a local and family-owned company since its creation because we want to ensure Papé's commitment to our customers remains consistent and reliable. 

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Contact Information:
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Podcast Media Contact
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StormForge Announces Partnership With Kumina

StormForge and Kumina partner to help customers achieve Kubernetes efficiency and reduce cloud costs.

StormForge Announces Partnership With Kumina
StormForge Announces Partnership with Kumina

Illustrated newspaper 'StormForge Times' with front page article announcing Kumina partnership

StormForge, the leader in Kubernetes resource optimization, today announced their partnership with Kumina. The Netherlands-based company with over a decade of experience in providing mission-critical IT services will offer StormForge's Kubernetes resource optimization solution Optimize Live.

Together, Kumina and StormForge will provide Kubernetes users with an all-inclusive package comprising managed Kubernetes services and advanced optimization capabilities.

This partnership will help users enhance the performance and efficiency of their Kubernetes clusters, reducing costs and freeing up resources to focus on other aspects of their business. Consequently, Kumina's expertise in managing Kubernetes clusters with customized IT solutions will assist users in maximizing the performance of the optimization platform provided by StormForge.

Kumina's CEO Tim Stoop is enthusiastic about the benefits customers gain from integrating StormForge:

"I was impressed how Optimize Live has solved a whole class of customer issues with one solution, reliably and deterministically, while actually allowing resource usage to go down as a whole. We can help customers scale with confidence and cut costs with StormForge without sacrificing user experience. I am really excited about the potential that StormForge brings to the table."

Optimize Live

StormForge Optimize Live applies machine learning to existing Kubernetes metrics to make real-time, actionable recommendations to resource settings for any deployment running in Kubernetes. By optimizing CPU and memory settings, customers can save cloud resources and money, reduce the business risk of poorly performing applications, and get their developers focused on innovating, not tuning their Kubernetes environment. StormForge's Solutions Architect Niels Roetert expresses enthusiasm regarding the benefits afforded by the solution:

"StormForge Optimize Live provides Pod resource right-sizing and can set optimal TargetUtilisation values for Kubernetes HPA to operate on. It does so continuously and without any human effort (configurable) at large scale. This results in resource and cost savings most of the time, when beneficial, resources are actually added to facilitate a better performing and more reliable application, which is a win-win for the application owner either way."

About Kumina

Kumina supports its customers by a fully managed Kubernetes solution that includes consulting, training and unlimited support hours. The company focuses on enhancing the infrastructure and cloud hosting capabilities of its customers in order to improve the performance, reliability, and security of their IT systems. For more information, please visit: 

About StormForge

StormForge brings together world-class data scientists and software engineers to enable breakthrough IT and operations efficiency. StormForge is set apart by its unwavering focus on building AI-powered software products that are designed to help people, not replace them. The StormForge platform uses ML to significantly reduce cloud costs and improve reliability by right-sizing Kubernetes application resources, automatically and continuously. For more information, please visit:

Contact Information:
Tom Ellery
[email protected]

Paraskevi Tragotsalou
[email protected]

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