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You are on the PRO Robots channel and today we present you with high-tech news. A new U.S. Air Force lunar satellite, a flower on Mars, an emotional android, new unusual drones, news from Elon Musk and other interesting events in the world of high technology in one issue!

0:00 In this video
0:22 U.S. lunar patrol
1:09 Flower on Mars
1:40 Ultrasonic panel for the VR experience
2:24 Emotions for humanoids
3:03 Autopilots from Bosch
3:51 Hydraulic cargo droneCargo drone with hydraulic drive
4:32 New AI developments from Meta
5:16 High tech in construction
5:50 Investing in robotics companies
6:36 Learning algorithms
7:09 Drone tank
8:11 Homemade Robots
8:48 ANYmal robot
9:19 RaiLab Kaist
10:00 DeepRobotics
10:53 Tesla Gigafactory
11:33 Battery factory in the US
12:21 Elon Musk
12:44 What hackers want from Nvidia
13:11 Robotaxi fees
14:02 Yandex robotics trials in the U.S.

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