Ducker Detective Launches New Age Calculator App to Keep Track of Birthdays


Available to download on both iOS and Android devices, the app is a great tool to find someone's birthday or countdown to a baby's birth.

Guess Age

Guess the age of a person.

Ducker Detective has released a brand-new age calculator app that can determine someone's age with just the month and day. Available now for download for iOS and Android devices, it can keep track of birthdays with a countdown, find a celebrity's age, or predict and share a baby's expected birthday with family and friends.

"The application is unique and has features that no other app provides," Analyst Thomas Peralta said. "No other app can guess an age having just the month and day of a birthday and can also predict a baby's birth with accuracy."

The app offers different functionalities, including "Guess Age," which lets people find someone's age just by entering their month and day of birth, and "Predict Baby Birth," which allows people to count how many days until a baby's due day.

"It is a unique birthday calculator app with excellent features," Peralta said. "The best part is that it is user-friendly and free with ads." 

With Ducker Detective, anyone can find out their favorite celebrity's or friend's age. For example, a friend can ask someone about their birthday and surprise them by knowing their age or the year they were born.

For more information, please visit or download the app today.

About Ducker Detective

Ducker Detective offers an age calculator app that lets people find someone's age with just the month and day of birth. It allows its users to predict a baby's birth based on the expected day of birth or even find a celebrity's age.

Contact Information:
Thomas Peralta
[email protected]

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Guess Age
Guess Age

Guess the age of a person.

Predict Birth
Predict Birth

Predict the birth of a child.

The App
The App

Shows functionalities of the app.


Shows birthday countdown.

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