ASCOMP Software Announces Secure Eraser Version 6.1: Secure Data Erasure With Higher Performance and Improved Security


ASCOMP Secure Eraser

Secure deletion of files, folders and drives

ASCOMP Software is pleased to announce the release of Secure Eraser Version 6.1, the latest update to the renowned data shredder. Secure Eraser provides users with a robust solution to securely and permanently erase sensitive data on Windows.

ASCOMP Secure Eraser is used by individuals and businesses around the world to completely and irretrievably remove data from their Windows systems. The software ensures that deleted files cannot be recovered even with advanced data recovery tools.

The new version 6.1 brings a number of improvements that strengthen the overall functionality of the software:

Optimized debugging: The developers of Secure Eraser have optimized the debugging processes to further improve the stability and reliability of the software. This ensures that Secure Eraser runs smoothly and offers flawless performance.

SHA256 signing: To increase the security of the software, Secure Eraser version 6.1 comes with SHA256 signing. This ensures that the integrity of the software is protected during download and installation and provides users with additional assurance about the authenticity of the application.

Improved speed: Targeted optimizations have further improved the speed of Secure Eraser. Users can now delete data even faster and more efficiently without compromising on security.

"With Secure Eraser version 6.1, we are continuing our commitment to data protection and data security. Our software provides users with a trusted solution to securely erase sensitive data, and with the improvements in version 6.1, they can do so even more efficiently," said Andreas Stroebel, Managing Director of ASCOMP Software.

Secure Eraser version 6.1 is available immediately and can be downloaded free of charge for private use and for testing purposes from the website at Existing users can perform the update via the software interface.

About Secure Eraser: Secure Eraser is a proven data protection software that provides users with a reliable solution for securely deleting sensitive data on Windows. With a user-friendly interface and strong data protection features, Secure Eraser helps both individuals and businesses protect their data and comply with privacy regulations.

Contact Information:
Andreas Stroebel
[email protected]

Original Source: ASCOMP Software Announces Secure Eraser Version 6.1: Secure Data Erasure With Higher Performance and Improved Security

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