anitya Secures $2 Million Investment From Indicator Capital to Disrupt Spatial Computing Engines


Indicator Capital-Led Round to Accelerate Development of Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Web Environments

Pedro Jardim

Pedro Jardim, CEO of anitya

anitya, a rising white-label Platform as a Service (PaaS) in customisable spatial computing applications, has secured a $2 million investment from Indicator Capital, a leading Brazilian venture capital firm.

Pedro Jardim, Founder & CEO of anitya, expressed his excitement about the investment, stating, "We are thrilled to partner with Indicator Capital as we redefine the landscape of spatial computing. This investment validates our vision and elevates us towards our goal of becoming the most powerful and accessible solution in the market."

anitya's unique proposition lies in its ability to offer a comprehensive, user-friendly platform for building spatial computing applications with unparalleled affordability. Pedro emphasises, "With low-code solutions that don't require hardware with high image processing capacity, we are opening the door for many other professionals to develop immersive experiences."

With a seasoned team boasting extensive experience, anitya has made significant strides toward its goal:

  • Successful Beta Launch: anitya has conducted a successful beta launch of its minimum viable product (MVP), receiving glowing feedback from 3D designers and creators.
  • Unique Value Proposition: anitya's architecture is significantly lighter and offers a simpler user experience than industry standards, making it 10 times lighter than Unity and 100 times lighter than Unreal. Its user interface is 10 times faster to master and supports no-code/low-code development.
  • Fast-Growing Interest: The platform has already garnered substantial interest, boasting over 500 sign-ups in just four weeks, with an average of 120+ new weekly sign-ups.

anitya is set to launch its PaaS product commercially in July, using disruptive technology developed and forked from the Godot Engine, the world's most popular open-source platform for game development. anitya’s waiting list includes agencies, architects, and media professionals eager to leverage its capabilities.

Pedro comments on anitya's potential impact: "Imagine designing a gamified learning experience or any spatial computing application as easily as building a website on Wix or Webflow. anitya is as collaborative as Figma and as versatile as Zapier, lowering barriers and unlocking new possibilities."

anitya's proposal caught the attention of Ariel Manzur, a highly respected engineer with over two decades of experience in game development and one of the co-founders of the Godot Engine. He has joined anitya as a co-founder and CTO.

The low-code platform also allows for a simpler and faster development process, enabling anyone to build immersive experiences without hiring developers. "The current cost for building an immersive experience project is very high, often taking months to complete. anitya offers a lightweight and accessible solution, democratising immersive experiences," says Pedro.

anitya's platform is a horizontal solution applicable across various sectors and companies of any size. Examples include digitising industries by constructing digital twins, which more accurately represent the industrial factory floor through immersive 3D experiences. Other applications include professional training, process gamification, healthcare, industry, retail, agriculture, and smart cities.

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Original Source: anitya Secures $2 Million Investment From Indicator Capital to Disrupt Spatial Computing Engines

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