Ryan Binkley’s Presidential Campaign Launches ‘Laughing Matter’ TV Ad


Surging Outsider Shines Light on GOP Opponents’ Unserious Debate Performances

Today, CEO and Pastor Ryan Binkley unveiled his presidential campaign’s latest television ad. The 30-second commercial, “Laughing Matter,” draws a stark contrast between Binkley’s solutions-based run for the White House and his opponents’ insults-driven performances in the Republican Party’s sanctioned debates. The ad, which will air on television in Iowa and nationally on digital platforms, is also live on the campaign’s YouTube channel.

“The party elites in Washington put their thumbs on the scale at every turn to ensure these four candidates stayed in the national spotlight,” Binkley explained. “Instead of delivering in-depth discussions on how we’re going to save our nation, they’ve only given us four televised food fights.”

The bold, fast-paced video begins with a compilation of the worst lowlights from the first four GOP primary debates before transitioning to Binkley’s impassioned call to end the chaos and unite the nation to secure our border, tackle our national debt and turn back to God.

“Voters deserve better than the chaos, cynicism and broken promises of politics-as-usual,” continued Binkley. “If the American people want something different, we have to vote for someone different.”

Binkley is the first Republican 2024 presidential candidate to visit all of Iowa’s 99 counties. He says voters are taking notice of his campaign’s emphasis on restoring our nation’s faith in God and each other while providing real solutions to the problems that plague the country.

“Our nation desperately needs a spiritual, economic and cultural revival,” Binkley concluded. “While my opponents were workshopping their latest fat jokes, I’ve developed and released comprehensive solutions to balance our budget, tackle our debt, secure our border and transform our healthcare.” 

Binkley is the CEO of Generational Group and pastor of Create Church who lives in Richardson, Texas, with his wife, Ellie. They have five children. To learn more about the campaign, visit Binkley2024.com. For press access to downloadable assets, media can go to the online press kit

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