Foundations of European politics: a new approach to teaching the politics of Europe


Foundations of European politics: a new approach to teaching the politics of Europe

Speakers: Jonathan Slapin, Sara Hobolt, Catherine E. De Vries & Sven-Oliver Proksch. A book presentation part of the EGPP Seminar Series that took place on 10 March 2021.
European integration has made it impossible to understand European politics without simultaneously considering both the national and European levels, as well as the interaction between the two. However, textbooks and teaching materials on European politics have remained focused on one level or the other, rarely bringing them together in a systematic manner. Moreover, textbooks often shy away from teaching political science — namely, the integration of theory and data to understand political processes. Our new textbook Foundations of European Politics: A Comparative Approach (De Vries, Hobolt, Proksch and Slapin OUP 2021) seeks to accomplish two goals: first to integrate the teaching of European national and EU-level politics, and second to introduce students to the theoretical and empirical approaches of European political science. To accomplish these goals, we have also developed a series of web applications, one per book chapter, that allow students to interact with important data on European politics to answer theoretically-driven questions.
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