WestsideMed Educates Patients About Annual Physicals and When to Get a Checkup


Noted Atlanta urgent care WestsideMed stresses the importance of patients making appointments for annual physical exams. Doctors and medical professionals help patients understand how the entire health screening process works

ATLANTA - September 2, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

In a recent article in its blog, noted Atlanta primary and urgent care provider WestsideMed educates readers on the importance of annual physical exams. 

In the article titled Annual Physicals: Early Health Risk Prevention, WestsideMed's founder Ariel Esteves, ENP, FNP-BC, explains exactly why patients need to book an appointment for an annual physical. 

"An annual physical can help patients prevent health complications and catch problematic diseases, medical conditions, and more from developing further," explains Esteves. 

These illnesses, if left unchecked, can easily lead to chronic health conditions. These conditions, which are classified as medical conditions lasting more than a few months, can be life-threatening.

Indeed, annual physicals are a simple, effective tool for keeping vigilant about one's health, with various screenings for skin cancer, breast cancer, heart problems, and more. 

Ariel Esteves reassures reluctant patients that an annual physical exam isn't something to fear.

"It's an easy, quick, routine, and essential doctor's visit to help you detect early signs of physical ailments," explains Esteves. "For example, you can screen to see if you're at risk for diabetes, cancer, heart issues, and other chronic conditions. Catching these conditions early is vital for good overall health and wellness."

Annual Physicals in Atlanta, Georgia

Along with offering comprehensive medical services ranging from COVID-19 vaccines and EKG readings in Atlanta, WestsideMed provides physicals to its urgent care patients.

"The team at WestsideMed tailors physicals to each individual's needs. Typically, that involves shining a bright light in your ears, eyes, nose, and throat, palpating your organs to determine their size and position, testing your reflexes, and listening to your heart and respiratory rate," explains Esteves about the WestsideMed process. 

"Afterward, your provider might recommend updating your immunizations or undergoing certain gender-specific screening procedures like a Pap test, colonoscopy, or prostate exam. If necessary, they might also order lab services like blood work or urinalysis."

These various lab tests, screenings, and exams help patients look after their health, monitor medical history, and care for potential health risks. 

More Information About WestsideMed

WestsideMed is a primary and urgent care provider in Atlanta, Georgia, founded by Ariel Esteves, ENP, FNP-BC

Whether you're looking to catch a medical condition like lung cancer or review your medical history, our urgent care in Atlanta helps you.

"Most importantly, an annual physical in Atlanta can help you care for your overall health. Be sure to make an appointment with the medical doctors and experts at WestsideMed to start the journey towards improving and caring for your health," states Esteves.

For more information about WestsideMed and its various healthcare services, visit the WestsideMed website to book an appointment.

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