Veruna Announces Enhancements of Employee Benefits for Modern Agencies Who Want AI


Veruna serves both P&C and Employee Benefits consumers in its All-In-One Solution for Independent Insurance.

Veruna, a leading innovator in insurance agency management systems (AMS), announces groundbreaking progress from legacy systems shackling agents to multiple, disparate systems. The company has launched complex embedded Employee Benefits functionality into its existing solution for independent insurance. This expansion empowers agencies to manage all lines of business - P&C and Employee Benefits lines of business - all within a unified experience. 

The inclusion of Employee Benefits functionality solidifies Veruna's commitment to providing agencies with a single, holistic system handling the agency trifecta: (1) book management, (2) sales management and (3) carrier relationship management, including core functionalities of complex commissions, insurance accounting, real-time data views, and predictive analytics. 

Agency advantages: 

Unified Customer Data for AI. Veruna's platform brings together Personal, Commercial, and Employee Benefits workflows into a cohesive interface, allowing a true customer view, enhancing efficiencies, real-time data and allowing for easy upsell/cross-sell capabilities.

Straight-through Processing Workflows. Automates renewal process of Employee Benefit Plans simplifying workload and uses AI to identify customer touchpoints. This approach automates the tedious process of plan renewals, allowing agencies to focus on growth and relationship building.  

Robust Commission Rules Engine. Accommodates the specific needs of Employee Benefits commissions with the flexibility to tailor rules for complex customer requirements and achieve precise commission calculation.  

Flexible Plan Library.  Includes sophisticated plan comparison capabilities, with a modern, user experience design approach for agencies to easily identify plan options and provide intelligence for their customers to make smart buying decisions.  

"This enhancement of Employee Benefits functionality marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of Veruna's platform," says Jennifer Carroll, Veruna CEO. "Our commitment to delivering a truly unified solution for independent insurance remains unwavering. We're equipping agencies with the tools they need to excel in the modern insurance landscape." 

Veruna addresses the industry's pain points, eliminating the complexity and redundancy of maintaining multiple systems for different lines of business.  

As the industry's leading AMS to unite P&C and Employee Benefits sales and servicing in one solution, Veruna transforms how agencies operate. Evidenced by Veruna customers who have experienced unprecedented growth using the solution, this shift enables agencies to maximize revenue, enhance customer satisfaction, and strengthen client relationships. 

About Veruna 

Veruna is a leading insurance technology company whose mission is to empower independent insurance agents. Veruna does this by providing a "one-system" CRM-AMS-in-one built by Salesforce so agents can get back to advising and advocating on behalf of their insureds instead of being shackled with back-end data entry. With a commitment to digital customer engagement, cloud-based configurable and extensible systems, Veruna has established itself as a trusted partner in the insurance industry. By leveraging the cutting-edge technology of Salesforce and a customer-centric approach, the company continues to drive innovation and deliver superior results. Learn more by visiting Veruna


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