Unlocking Innovation: Peachscore’s Equity-Free Data-Driven Accelerator Ignites Its Second Cohort


Empowering Startups: The Blend of Expertise and Technology

Peachscore, a celebrated catalyst for startup ecosystems, is delighted to announce its Virtual Equity-Free Data-Driven Accelerator Program October Cohort, set in the lively city of Los Angeles and virtually around the globe. This pioneering initiative upholds the principle of equal access to accelerator resources by harnessing cutting-edge data analytics and scalable technologies. 

The October Cohort represents a dynamic assembly of outstanding companies, boasting a 50% inclusion of minority and female founders, encompassing the following participating companies:

SHEQONOMI https://sheqonomi.com/ (Pre-seed)

NINA https://www.drinknina.com/ (Seed)

Pvotal Technologies https://pvotal.tech/ (Seed)

Venaera https://www.venaera.com/ (Pre-seed)

Codifin https://www.codifin.com/ (Seed)

LivNSense Digital https://livnsense.com/ (Pre-seed)

StarkDrones https://www.starkdrones.org/ (Pre-seed)

DiningTek https://www.diningtek.com/ (Seed) 

Refer to the following for more information on each company and its founder(s): https://peachscore.com/founders/ 

Peachscore remains committed to shattering the conventional constraints that frequently impede startups in their quest for assistance and counsel. Through an equity-free model, Peachscore guarantees that startups can tap into invaluable resources, connections, and mentorship while safeguarding their ownership and autonomy. This distinctive strategy not only disrupts the conventional accelerator paradigms that primarily cater to pre-seed startups and SMBs with hyper-growth potential but also extends the advantages of this novel approach to a wide array of companies in the Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A stages.

"While we are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our newest founders in the October Cohort, our commitment to all the founders who have been a part of our Program remains unwavering. At Peachscore, our dedication is to deliver exceptional value to our founders during the cohort and well beyond," said Peyman Shahmirzadi, Investor and Partner at Peachscore.  

Peachscore is revolutionizing how startups receive support and guidance by leveraging data-driven strategies. This approach equips startups with the tools needed to scale their businesses and attain remarkable milestones, all while democratizing access to accelerator programs. This commitment to progress, alongside its virtual, equity-free model and scalable infrastructure, positions Peachscore as a leading force in supporting startups to reach their business goals.

Amid the buzz of their ongoing Cohort 2, Peachscore's momentum is further accelerated by the announcement of three pivotal partnerships. Announcements highlight collaborations with the esteemed Payani Group (https://payanigroup.com/), the prestigious Los Alamos National Laboratory (https://www.lanl.gov/), and the dynamic Startup Science (https://www.startupscience.io/). These alliances promise to introduce transformative shifts in the startup domain, reinforcing Peachscore's dedication to fostering entrepreneurial growth. The alliance between the Payani Group, known for its expertise in Private Equity, Advisory, and Media; the Los Alamos National Laboratory with its advanced research capabilities; and Startup Science's innovative approach assures a synergy of business insights and scientific brilliance. 

About Peachscore: Peachscore is a leading startup ecosystem enabler dedicated to empowering early-stage companies and SMBs. Through its Virtual Equity-Free Data-Driven Accelerator Program, Peachscore provides startups with valuable resources, mentorship, and a platform to scale their businesses.

Learn more about the Program: https://peachscore.com/peachscore-accelerator-program/

Contact Information:
Peyman Shahmirzadi
[email protected]

Original Source: Unlocking Innovation: Peachscore's Equity-Free Data-Driven Accelerator Ignites Its Second Cohort

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