TradeAlgo Announces Powerful New Product to Offer Generative AI for Retail Investors


Today, TradeAlgo launched TradeGPT, a generative AI-powered assistant that enables millions of retail investors to converse with AI about anything related to financial markets.


TradeGPT powerful generative AI product designed for millions of retail investors

Designed for retail investors, generative AI is trained on TradeAlgo’s proprietary market data and public data to execute natural language processing tasks. TradeGPT can assist with portfolio analysis, news summaries, trading education, data reports, and hundreds of other use cases.

“The launch of TradeGPT will unlock the power of artificial intelligence for retail investors who have historically lacked access to AI-powered insights due to technological complexity. With the development of natural language processing, today marks a major milestone where even a casual investor can converse with AI and receive cutting-edge insights,” said Jon Stone, CEO of TradeAlgo.

Conversing With AI with Intuitive Natural Language Interaction

TradeGPT enables retail investors to ask AI anything and receive real-time market data and insights. In a simple use case, a retail investor can ask TradeGPT to compare the five most actively traded stocks within S&P 500. The AI will describe the recent performances of these stocks, along with technical indicators like resistance and support levels.

Previously, an investor would need to understand technical analysis to discover resistance and support levels, but TradeGPT enables them to find these levels instantly. 

Interactive Charts and Data

TradeGPT allows users to generate new charts instantly and interact with them by changing variables like time periods. Example, users can request a price comparison chart for five popular stocks – NVDA, MSFT, AAPL, AMZN and GOOGL. TradeGPT will create a new chart instantly, and users can adjust time periods inside the chat.

Users will save thousands of hours by skipping the requirement of seeking information from multiple websites. Find the return on equity (ROE) of a stock, users can engage with TradeGPT to find the information within seconds. Going further, TradeGPT can compare the ROE of multiple stocks instantly without users having to compile data into spreadsheets to see the comparison.

Uncovering Insights From News and Documents

TradeGPT offers retail investors an instant way to stay updated with news and reports. Rather than reading through thousands of pages of earnings transcripts, TradeGPT can summarize key information to users from earnings calls. A prompt like “Tell me what I need to know about Nvidia’s Q3 earnings call” will generate summaries with key points that users need to know. 

Users can also ask TradeGPT to summarize today’s key market news, saving time from reading through articles. Follow-up questions can be asked to expand on the relevance of a news story to a certain stock. The possibilities are only limited to retail investors’ imagination. 

Experience the Power of TradeGPT Today

TradeGPT is available to try for free. Retail investors are invited to sign up for TradeGPT and experience the groundbreaking technology that transform the way retail investors trade stocks. 

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