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In times of fear in the market, we are very happy to be able to give creators the chance to be rewarded for their hard work”

— The Troller team

LONDON, KENT, UNITED KINGDOM, July 19, 2022 / — While most of the cryptocurrency market stares at the charts and prays for that much needed move to the up side, The Troller Art team are taking a different outlook on the crypto space at the moment.

The team have now deployed 4 new smart contracts & also deployed a “Game changing” decentralized application (Dapp) in which users can submit, mint and trade Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) with the The Troller community. This marks the occasion of the NFT competition series which aims to locate the best artists within the space and work with them moving forward to create a function of support & co-operation, to help creators grow and thrive in the industry.

The competition is already live, with users flocking over to the space to partake in the festivities. The team have locked away 1 Bitcoin for the top winner of the event, as well as $10,000 for second place, and $5,000 for the entrant who finishes third. All remaining artists will still be able to monetize from their work via The Troller’s auction-style NFT museum. In addition, artists will be able to grow their unique fan base via the community voting process.

With the markets currently causing a lot of unrest, it’s great to see that opportunities are still out there for those looking to create & design artwork. With the winner receiving one bitcoin, it’s definitely one of the few “good news” stories around at the moment.

We spoke to the guys at Troller who had the below to say:

“The Troller has been trolling around the world with a successful path track last year. In the past weeks, the whole team have been working relentlessly, taking the time in crafting, developing & implementing quality control functions in order to produce the amazing NFT competition platform that we all have been waiting for and we are very happy to share the latest updates and goals with you.

4 New Smart Contracts has been created for the Competition features

All smart contracts have been tested with all functionalities

Most of the Competition UIX designs has been completed

All new smart contracts have been sent for audits

A smart contract allows DeFi to exist without compromising on authenticity and credibility. Smart contracts make adequate use of encryption on the Blockchain level.

THE TROLLER will never compromise security. The following features are what we ensure for the community while developing smart contracts for auditing:


Low cost


To summarize, the team have been working incredibly hard and are now seeing the fruits of their labor which is the perfect way to prove their concept and move forward to have a very successful year with fun, profitability, and engaging series competitions.

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