Pendella and National Benefit Partners (NBP) Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Individual Life Insurance Benefits to Employees


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Today, Pendella Technologies has announced that its white-label life insurance offerings are now available through NBP's InsureMEtoday platform. With this move, thousands of employees and their families will have the option to purchase individual life insurance coverage in addition to their employer-provided group coverage policies.

As of this writing, about 50 percent of U.S. households have no individual life insurance coverage and many more are underinsured. This severe coverage gap is due in large part to a lack of awareness of the benefits of individual insurance. Many people don't realize that their employer-provided group coverage policies typically provide inadequate protection in case of a life-altering event. These group coverage policies also don't allow for much customization and, worst of all, don't transfer when an employee switches jobs.

By partnering with NBP through its Allied Distributor program, Pendella hopes to raise awareness about the need for individual life insurance, while also making it more convenient for employees to sign up for the sort of comprehensive policies that they need. Once signed up, employees are free to choose a customized life insurance option based on their needs and budget, coverage that will stay with them even if they leave their current employers.

"At NBP, our mission has always been to provide best in class comprehensive benefits to employees and their families through our Allied Distributor partners across the country," said Doug Kreszl, managing partner at NBP. "We are thrilled to be partnering with a forward-thinking insurtech company like Pendella, which understands both the issues and the solutions to closing the huge gap in life insurance coverage."

"As the number of life insurance options and services has grown over the last few years, so has the need for employers to receive the necessary support for providing the right coverage options for their employees," said Bob Gaydos, Pendella CEO, and founder. "Through our partnership with NBP, we hope to bring our coverage options to a wider audience of employees who can take advantage of them."

About Pendella

Pendella is a technology company that exists to make the financial protection of individual life and disability insurance available to everyone. Pendella's full-stack, enterprise SaaS solution is powered by AI and big data to automate underwriting and deliver a simple and intuitive experience to thousands of people through partnerships with top-rated insurance carriers and distributors. White-label customization enables a seamless end-to-end experience, providing instant life and disability insurance in minutes with no paperwork or medical exams.

About NBP

National Benefit Partners is an independent marketing organization for voluntary employee benefits and worksite insurance programs. Through our elite group of member firms, known as Allied Distributors, we aim to provide a single point of contact for select insurance carriers, personalized to every Allied Distributor.

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