NOVA Home Loans Becomes the First Lender to Go Live With CreditXpert’s New Enterprise Platform


The lender will be using CreditXpert's technology to support its innovative Home on the Horizon program.

CreditXpert Logo

CreditXpert Logo

CreditXpert, the predictive credit score platform that helps mortgage lenders extend better, more compelling financing options to every applicant, is proud to announce that NOVA Home Loans is the first lender to go live with its new enterprise platform. CreditXpert's latest offering will help lenders boost efficiency with AI, quickly compare improvement plans, track applicant progress, and manage usage through a cloud-based dashboard. 

"In a competitive market, helping applicants qualify for a mortgage, land on the most appropriate loan program and qualify for the lowest interest rate is more important than ever," said CreditXpert CEO Jim Hemmer. "This is precisely why we are so excited to have a lender like NOVA Home Loans as the first to go live with our new enterprise platform. The team at NOVA truly understands the meaningful impact that a higher credit score can have on their ability to help applicants qualify for the best rate and terms." 

"Our dedicated team of loan officers is deeply committed to helping our borrowers, regardless of their initial credit score, achieve a qualifying score, better loan program or a better interest rate," said NOVA Home Loans SVP of Lender Services Manny Hernandez. "Even if a borrower has a credit score in the 720 - 730 range, we'll work to get them to a better interest rate or help lower private mortgage insurance premiums. Our team is excited to be using CreditXpert to help our borrowers reach that target score and lower their cost of homeownership."

"Innovative lenders like NOVA Home Loans help CreditXpert fulfill our mission of helping to make homeownership more accessible and affordable for all," said Hemmer. "Our predictive analytics show that 75% of those with credit scores below 760 could improve their score by 20 points or more in just 30 days." 

CreditXpert's innovative enterprise platform helps lenders in four ways: 

  • Immediately see the credit potential for every applicant. 
  • Generate highly accurate improvement plans with the click of a button.
  • Share improvement plans with applicants and automatically track their progress.
  • Manage users, groups, and branches through a single dashboard.

"This is going to be a game changer for the NOVA Home Loans team," said Hernandez. "The new CreditXpert platform is going to help us expand the reach of our Home on the Horizon program by helping us generate detailed improvement plans and communicate with borrowers in a more efficient way."   

For more information about the new CreditXpert platform and how it can help your institution win more business now, visit the company online.

About CreditXpert

CreditXpert, the predictive credit score insight platform, helps mortgage lenders leverage credit to extend better, more compelling financing options to every applicant. With its enterprise-ready SaaS platform, CreditXpert helps lenders identify an applicant's near-term credit score potential, generate detailed improvement plans and boost efficiency with AI. 

Founded in 2001, CreditXpert has analyzed nearly 1 billion credit pulls and is used by more than 60,000 mortgage professionals annually at many of today's most innovative lenders. CreditXpert is redefining the way leading mortgage lenders use credit to make homeownership more accessible and affordable for all.         

About NOVA Home Loans

NOVA® Home Loans has served the needs of homeowners and homebuyers since 1980. The company has offices in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Nevada and is able to originate loans in 19 states. In 2001, NOVA® merged its flexibility as a mortgage broker with the efficient service of a mortgage banker to create a better way of lending. Efficiency and teamwork are the keys to NOVA's accelerated loan delivery. Loan applications are handled in-house from start to finish - eliminating the need to ship applications around the country for underwriting, approval and document preparation. For more information, please visit

Equal Housing Opportunity, BK# 0902429, NMLS# 3087

Contact Information:
Mike Darne
VP, Marketing
[email protected]

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StormForge Announces Partnership With Kumina

StormForge and Kumina partner to help customers achieve Kubernetes efficiency and reduce cloud costs.

StormForge Announces Partnership With Kumina
StormForge Announces Partnership with Kumina

Illustrated newspaper 'StormForge Times' with front page article announcing Kumina partnership

StormForge, the leader in Kubernetes resource optimization, today announced their partnership with Kumina. The Netherlands-based company with over a decade of experience in providing mission-critical IT services will offer StormForge's Kubernetes resource optimization solution Optimize Live.

Together, Kumina and StormForge will provide Kubernetes users with an all-inclusive package comprising managed Kubernetes services and advanced optimization capabilities.

This partnership will help users enhance the performance and efficiency of their Kubernetes clusters, reducing costs and freeing up resources to focus on other aspects of their business. Consequently, Kumina's expertise in managing Kubernetes clusters with customized IT solutions will assist users in maximizing the performance of the optimization platform provided by StormForge.

Kumina's CEO Tim Stoop is enthusiastic about the benefits customers gain from integrating StormForge:

"I was impressed how Optimize Live has solved a whole class of customer issues with one solution, reliably and deterministically, while actually allowing resource usage to go down as a whole. We can help customers scale with confidence and cut costs with StormForge without sacrificing user experience. I am really excited about the potential that StormForge brings to the table."

Optimize Live

StormForge Optimize Live applies machine learning to existing Kubernetes metrics to make real-time, actionable recommendations to resource settings for any deployment running in Kubernetes. By optimizing CPU and memory settings, customers can save cloud resources and money, reduce the business risk of poorly performing applications, and get their developers focused on innovating, not tuning their Kubernetes environment. StormForge's Solutions Architect Niels Roetert expresses enthusiasm regarding the benefits afforded by the solution:

"StormForge Optimize Live provides Pod resource right-sizing and can set optimal TargetUtilisation values for Kubernetes HPA to operate on. It does so continuously and without any human effort (configurable) at large scale. This results in resource and cost savings most of the time, when beneficial, resources are actually added to facilitate a better performing and more reliable application, which is a win-win for the application owner either way."

About Kumina

Kumina supports its customers by a fully managed Kubernetes solution that includes consulting, training and unlimited support hours. The company focuses on enhancing the infrastructure and cloud hosting capabilities of its customers in order to improve the performance, reliability, and security of their IT systems. For more information, please visit: 

About StormForge

StormForge brings together world-class data scientists and software engineers to enable breakthrough IT and operations efficiency. StormForge is set apart by its unwavering focus on building AI-powered software products that are designed to help people, not replace them. The StormForge platform uses ML to significantly reduce cloud costs and improve reliability by right-sizing Kubernetes application resources, automatically and continuously. For more information, please visit:

Contact Information:
Tom Ellery
[email protected]

Paraskevi Tragotsalou
[email protected]

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