Nimble Reporting Introduces White Label Platform for BOI Compliance


Now Payroll Companies are Further Empowered to Educate and Offer Compliance Solutions to Customers While Generating Strong Revenue Opportunities

Nimble Reporting, a leading expert in regulatory compliance, has announced a groundbreaking partnership opportunity for payroll companies looking to enhance their service offerings. With the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) having taken effect on January 1, 2024, Nimble Reporting provides a seamless solution for payroll companies to support their business clients in meeting Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) reporting requirements.

As businesses strive for compliance with the CTA, payroll companies can now fortify their client relationships by effortlessly integrating Nimble Reporting's expertise. This partnership not only ensures compliance but also introduces an additional revenue stream for payroll companies.

“As in other reporting services, we believe payroll companies are well positioned to educate and advise their customer base as it applies to the CTA. If your payroll organization is not providing this service, your customers will go elsewhere. The approach is similar to the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) reporting requirements – not only from a revenue perspective, but it’s also the glue to help fortify your client base,” says Israel Fischer, CTO of Nimble Reporting.

In an era of evolving regulatory landscapes, Nimble Reporting empowers payroll companies to be at the forefront of compliance solutions. Partnering with Nimble Reporting allows a payroll company to take the lead in offering unparalleled value to clients and establishing a reputation as a thought leader.

Nimble Reporting is a leading provider of regulatory compliance solutions, including providing a robust platform designed to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) reporting requirements and most commonly adopted by large payroll platforms. 

Nimble Reporting is also a principal provider in offering expertise in navigating the complexities of the Corporate Transparency Act. Founded by industry experts, Nimble Reporting combines efficiency, security, and revenue opportunities to deliver unmatched value to businesses and their service providers.

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Cameron Chiodo
Lead Account Executive
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