New Company, Integrated RCM Services, to Provide Third-Party Billing for Behavioral Health Providers


The process of insurance billing, utilization review, appeals, and payment can be quite challenging for behavioral health providers in the United States, regardless of location. The complexities are more pronounced in some cities than others, and there are differences between private insurance and public healthcare plans. A local behavioral and mental health agency in New Jersey has partnered with Apex Healthcare Strategies to establish a new third-party billing service called Integrated RCM Services (IRCMS LLC) after experiencing the barriers and lack of experience or knowledge of other third-party billing companies that bill for these services. 

Certified by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, IRCMS now offers behavioral health providers a solution to the daunting task of recovering insurance claims. IRCMS leverages its hard-won expertise from working with insurance companies to provide healthcare services to clients, ensuring that providers receive compensation for their services.

At IRCMS, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to assist healthcare providers in maximizing their revenue collection. Our services are designed to ensure that providers receive payment in a timely and compliant manner while leveraging data-driven insights to optimize their revenue streams. Our offerings include patient data management, eligibility and benefits verification, coding, audits, billing, payment posting, accounts receivable (AR) follow-up, denials management, patient balance management, and analytics and insights.

IRCMS combines over 50 years of enterprise experience in healthcare revenue management with expert behavioral health insurance billing, claim appeals, and other revenue cycle management functions to outside facilities in New Jersey and surrounding states. With the experience and reach of one of the largest accessible behavioral health providers in the state, IRCMS is uniquely positioned to allow other for-profit and not-for-profit facilities to bill for their services effectively and efficiently, bringing much-needed services to their communities.

To learn more about Integrated RCM Services, visit or call 888-988-6320.

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Nicholas DeRose
Chief Executive Officer
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Jamie Knox
Chief Operating Officer
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Original Source: New Company, Integrated RCM Services, to Provide Third-Party Billing for Behavioral Health Providers

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