From Stigma to Strength: Baltic Street’s Rebranding Revolution Unveiled at the 1st Annual Symposium — The Evolution of Behavioral Health and the Peer Workforce


Baltic Street Wellness Solutions, a pioneering organization dedicated to transforming lives and dismantling the stigma surrounding behavioral health, will proudly reveal its dynamic new brand during the 1st Annual Symposium  — "The Evolution of Behavioral Health and the Peer Workforce."

The event is set to take place on Nov. 8, 2023, at the esteemed BRIC theater in Downtown Brooklyn. The symposium will feature various distinguished speakers, including keynote speakers Dr. Patricia E. Deegan, Dr. Felecia Pullen, Jeffrey McQueen, Dr. Johnathan P. Edwards, and many more.

Baltic Street's rebranding initiative includes a striking new logo featuring a horizon symbolizing the enduring spirit of empowerment and transformation. This emblem reflects a profound belief in a life beyond behavioral health challenges and diagnoses, serving as a beacon of hope and resilience. The redesigned visual identity mirrors the vibrant diversity of the community and the wide range of programs offered. It employs a rich palette of colors, evocative images, and innovative design elements to express Baltic Street's unwavering commitment to inclusion, innovation, and holistic well-being.

The messaging strategy has been reimagined to align with the organization's core pillars: "Embracing Recovery & Resilience," "Breaking Stigma & Promoting Understanding," "Peer-centered Innovation & Empowerment," and "Community-Centric System Change." The messaging is now direct, compassionate, and focused on the transformative power of lived experiences.

This rebranding effort marks a significant milestone for Baltic Street Wellness Solutions, underscoring its dedication to growth, inclusion, and the transformation of behavioral health services. The new look and messaging will help Baltic Street reach more people, challenge stigma, and empower individuals to lead their lives with dignity and strength.

Baltic Street Wellness Solutions invites the community and its supporters to explore the brand-new website and engage with the organization as it continues to make a profound impact on the world of behavioral health services.

For more information and to attend the 1st Annual Symposium, please visit the EventBrite Registration Page.

About Baltic Street Wellness Solutions:

Baltic Street Wellness Solutions is a pioneering organization with over 25 years of experience in supporting individuals with behavioral health diagnoses and substance-use challenges on their journey to leading fulfilling lives. As the largest peer-led organization in the nation, Baltic Street is dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding behavioral health and providing comprehensive support to individuals and their families. The organization offers a diverse range of programs and services, including a community and resource service center open to all, regardless of diagnosis.

Contact Information:
Mark Clarke
Deputy Director of Programs
[email protected]
(718) 833-5929

Original Source: From Stigma to Strength: Baltic Street's Rebranding Revolution Unveiled at the 1st Annual Symposium — The Evolution of Behavioral Health and the Peer Workforce

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