DRB Capital Announces the Appointment of Bruce Jaeger as CEO


New CEO's Experience Puts Leading Purchaser of Annuity Payments and Payments From Structured Legal Settlements on Path for Strategic Growth and Increased Profitability and Market Share.

DRB Capital, LLC ("DRB") is pleased to announce the appointment of Bruce Jaeger as its new CEO. Over the years, Bruce has been instrumental in helping DRB obtain financing alternatives to allow for past success and future growth. His relationships with institutional investors and broad experience in derivatives, structured credit, capital markets and sales will provide DRB with a path for strategic growth and initiatives as DRB looks to increase profitability and market share. DRB would like to thank Jason Sutherland for his contributions to DRB and wish him success in his future endeavors.

When asked about his appointment as CEO of DRB, Mr. Jaeger stated, "I wish to thank Jim Terlizzi (Chairman) and the Board of DRB for their vote of confidence as we enter a new phase of sales growth and strategic direction. We plan to work with our financial partners and access the capital markets to ensure efficiencies as we face challenges based on a competitive landscape and increased market volatility in a higher rate environment. The scalable platform at DRB will allow us to grow both our retail and wholesale distribution while providing seamless customer service." 

About DRB Capital, LLC: DRB Capital is a leading purchaser of annuity payments and payments from structured legal settlements. The company offers liquidity and optionality to prospective sellers in need of cash who receive guaranteed and/or life-contingent structured settlements or annuity payments. For further information on Structured Settlement and Annuity payments, visit DRBcapital.com.

Contact Information:
Gregory Williams
Marketing Manager
[email protected]

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