Crafting Tomorrow’s Real Estate Experience: The INDEX Approach

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The Cyprus real estate market is witnessing unprecedented growth, prompting the need for cutting-edge tools to redefine the space. INDEX, a technology-focused marketplace, stands at the forefront of this transformation. Unlike developers or agents, the platform's sole purpose is to help real estate sellers connect with potential buyers. Yet, it is the end customer who’s put on a pedestal.

Mission and Vision

The core philosophy of INDEX revolves around transparency, customer-centricity, and a commitment to unbiased representation. Operating on a pay-per-listing model, the platform ensures that all information about a property is presented upfront, without the influence of commissions or promotional biases. At the heart of INDEX's strategy is a dedication to modernizing the real estate sector by integrating sophisticated tools and technologies.

It's All About Technology

The platform offers users an insights dashboard with a comprehensive overview of aggregated real estate data. With a massive and meticulously curated database leveraging AI to eliminate duplicates, INDEX boasts hundreds of thousands of listings from 70+ companies. The platform continually refines this database to ensure accuracy and relevance.

INDEX uses computer vision and machine learning to detect and remove duplicate entries. Moreover, apart from data management, the platform leverages AI as an online assistant, generating property descriptions, assisting customers in their queries, and creating SEO content and images.

History and Team

Anton Karbanovich launched INDEX with the goal of elevating the real estate market after witnessing shortcomings during a personal property hunt. Coming from a country where specialized markets are common, he immediately noticed a major service gap.

Drawing from his extensive experience in marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, Karbanovich envisioned a customer-focused real estate platform that mirrors the best practices of competitive business environments.

The ultimate goal of INDEX is to become the central marketplace for all real estate-related traffic in Cyprus. Given the multilingual diversity of the Cyprus market, divided into Cypriot Greek, Russian, and English-speaking communities, INDEX aims to unite these groups on a single platform, fostering healthy competition among real estate agents and developers.

The INDEX team is made up of young, innovative experts from throughout the world who work remotely, united by the idea of making INDEX a household name in Cyprus and beyond.

Current Achievements

INDEX boasts a database exceeding 40,000 listings, surpassing competitors, with over 70 companies actively contributing to its wealth of information. Users can gauge how specific listings compare to the broader market, enhancing decision-making.

INDEX positions itself as a leader in innovation within the real estate domain and actively leverages AI to enhance services. The platform continues to evolve, shaping the future of real estate technology.

Contact Information:
Anton Karbanovich
[email protected]
+357 97 434310
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