Canadian Family Offices on Rising Interest in Long-Term Bonds Amidst Looming Recession Risks: Thane Stenner Shares His Thoughts


Thane Stenner foresees long-term bonds as a potential safety net amidst growing recession concerns.

Senior Portfolio Manager & Senior Wealth Advisor Thane Stenner of Stenner Wealth Partners+ at CG Wealth Management Canada, recently shared key insights in an interview with Canadian Family Offices. He emphasized the burgeoning interest in long-term bonds as the economic landscape seems to tilt toward the risk of an impending recession.

Stenner’s perspective might come across as contrarian to many market watchers. Bonds with maturities spanning 10 years or longer have recently witnessed a significant dip in their value, thanks to the impact of rate hikes. However, Stenner suggests looking at the bigger picture. “It may seem contrarian, but the data we’re seeing points to a probable recession that could be more challenging than expected,” he said.

Stenner elucidates that if this anticipated downturn does materialize, the values of these long-term bonds could potentially benefit the most. A primary factor backing this assertion is the possibility of interest rates declining, which would, in turn, boost bond values.

In a time when investors globally are grappling with uncertainty, volatile markets, and various geopolitical issues are at play, having sound financial advice and foresight is critical. Stenner aims to provide a nuanced understanding of the bond market and its potential trajectory given the current global financial climate.

Thane Stenner is cross-border licensed in the USA and Canada via FINRA and IIROC. Previously, he acted as a Managing Director, International Client Advisor, Institutional Consulting Director, and Alternative Investments Director at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management where he led his team in managing portfolios for ultra-high net worth clients. He graduated cum laude from Arizona State University and attended Harvard Business School's Executive Program. Stenner’s unique knowledge has been featured across several business news outlets including, the Globe & Mail, Canadian Family Offices, CNBC & BNN Bloomberg. 


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Original Source: Canadian Family Offices on Rising Interest in Long-Term Bonds Amidst Looming Recession Risks: Thane Stenner Shares His Thoughts

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