Brainify.AI and HIVE BIO Forge Game-Changing Partnership to Catalyze the Future of Precision Psychiatry With Proprietary EEG Biomarkers


The Collaboration Sets a New Benchmark in Real-World Validation and Commercialization of EEG Biomarkers for Optimizing Psychiatric Treatments

In a strategic move that underscores their commitment to innovation and efficacy, Brainify.AI, the leading developer of AI/ML EEG biomarker platforms, and HIVE BIO, a groundbreaking player in integrative mental health, announce a transformative partnership. The alliance is designed to validate and implement advanced EEG biomarkers, setting a new standard in precision psychiatry.

"Partnering with HIVE BIO is an epoch-making moment for Brainify.AI. Together, we're not only translating cutting-edge research into actionable clinical insights, but we're also unveiling a new era where precision psychiatry becomes the norm, not the exception. This is a paradigm shift that will considerably augment treatment efficacy and patient life quality," stated Mariam Khayretdinova, CEO of Brainify.AI.

"The synergy with Brainify.AI is not merely a collaboration; it's a watershed moment for the entire field of psychiatry. We are advancing from an era of generalized treatments to an age of highly personalized, data-driven interventions. This partnership enables us to implement these innovations in real-world settings, thereby setting new benchmarks in psychiatric care," elaborated Nataliya Vorobyeva, co-founder, COO & Chief Scientific Officer at HIVE BIO.

Advancing Precision Psychiatry:

  • Unmatched Treatment Efficacy: The partnership leverages Brainify.AI's proprietary algorithms and HIVE BIO’s clinical expertise to elevate the standard of individualized psychiatric treatments.
  • Swift Biomarker Validation: The partnership provides a rigorous, scientifically backed framework for swift real-world validation of EEG biomarkers.
  • Commercial Milestone: This collaboration signifies a commercial milestone, as it involves a secured pricing model for Brainify.AI's advanced biomarkers, indicating robust market validation.
  •  Patient-Centric Innovation: The collaboration is rooted in a commitment to empower patients with unprecedented insights into their treatment options.
  •  Global Leadership: Brainify.AI and HIVE BIO are poised to lead the global transition towards a new paradigm in psychiatry, informed by precision and efficacy.

About Brainify.AI

Brainify.AI ( is a groundbreaking company pioneering the shift toward precision psychiatry. Brainify.AI leverages biological data through our innovative AI/ML EEG biomarker platform. Our transformative technology and cutting-edge tools are setting new standards in the psychiatric field, bridging the gap between clinical trials and effective treatments, thus catalyzing a new era of precision psychiatry.


HIVE BIO ( is addressing depression, anxiety, PTSD, burnout, substance abuse and other mental health concerns with innovative and evidence-based treatments. We have pioneered the category of medically licensed psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (PAP) retreats and the novel diagnostic tools for mental health screening to deliver access to wellbeing.

Contact Information:
Ivan Mishanin
[email protected]

Nataliya Vorobyeva
co-founder, COO & Chief Scientific Officer
[email protected]

Original Source: Brainify.AI and HIVE BIO Forge Game-Changing Partnership to Catalyze the Future of Precision Psychiatry With Proprietary EEG Biomarkers

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