Aronora Secures Investment From New York Blood Center


Aronora is Revolutionizing Blood Clot Treatment with Groundbreaking Innovations

Aronora, Inc., a clinical-stage biotech poised to revolutionize blood clot treatment and prevention, today announced it has closed an investment from NYBC Ventures, a venture fund established by New York Blood Center. The funding will support team expansion, manufacturing, and regulatory activities as Aronora prepares for late-stage clinical development of their lead investigational products E-WE thrombin (AB002) and Gruticibart (AB023). Both drug candidates have completed phase 2a clinical trials, with compelling top-line data.

Blood clots, the leading global cause of death, have long been a challenge for medical research, and treatments have lagged behind many other diseases. Unfortunately, all currently available blood thinners and clot busters can cause severe bleeding complications.

In a remarkable breakthrough, Aronora's founders, Dr. Andras Gruber and Dr. Erik Tucker, have demonstrated that it is possible to target harmful blood clots (thrombosis) without increasing the risk of bleeding. Their pioneering work led to the filing of the first patents on coagulation factor XI inhibition, giving rise to Aronora's innovative antibody, Gruticibart. This achievement marked the creation of an entirely new class of anti-factor XI blood thinners that are ready to transform the landscape of thrombosis treatment.

Aronora’s pipeline also includes a groundbreaking clot-buster, E-WE thrombin, marking the first substantial advancement in this field in nearly four decades.

Dr. Erik Tucker, Aronora's CEO, shared his journey, stating, "As a graduate student, I found our therapies worked better than currently available FDA-approved drugs, and had no bleeding issues. Now, a decade later, Aronora is primed to deliver a new generation of safer blood-thinning and clot-busting treatments."

NYBC Ventures’ Managing Director, Meg Wood, added, “Aronora is a trailblazing company at the forefront in developing a new generation of safer blood-thinning and clot-dissolving medications. Aronora's transformative work will revolutionize the way we approach blood clot treatment, offering hope for millions of individuals worldwide.” Ms. Wood will serve as a member on Aronora’s Board of Directors.  

Contact Information:
Norah Verbout
Director of Strategic Partnerships
[email protected]
(503) 530-6842

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