Weed And Whiskey TV Welcomes the “She’s a Good Girl xx” Podcast to its On-Demand TV Network


Weed And Whiskey TV Welcomes the “She’s a Good Girl xx” Podcast to its On-Demand TV Network

Her spirit and story resonate with our core values of authenticity, freedom, and the celebration of life’s pleasures.”

— Jerry Joyner

DALLAS, TX, US, April 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Weed And Whiskey TV, a pioneering on-demand TV network, known for its eclectic mix of content celebrating freedom, fun, and the ‘higher’ things in life, is thrilled to announce the addition of the “She’s a Good Girl xx” podcast to its lineup. This groundbreaking podcast, hosted by the inimitable Babie Quinn, will now be accessible to a broader audience, bringing its unique blend of raw, unfiltered conversations and empowering messages to Weed And Whiskey TV viewers around the globe.

Barbie Quinn, the dynamo behind “She’s a Good Girl xx,” embodies the spirit of resilience and rebellion. A single mom who declares she’s lived nine lives and has zero f*cks left to give, Barbie Quinn brings an authenticity and fierceness to the podcasting world that is as refreshing as it is rare. With a self-description that conjures images of Barbie and Harley Quinn’s spirited offspring, she is on a mission to shatter conventions, championing a space where listeners can embrace their true selves without apology.

Born in Philadelphia, with a journey that took her from the lively parties of Los Angeles to the vibrant heart of Austin, Barbie Quinn’s life story is as captivating as her personality. A fierce Gemini with a bold voice and a vast reservoir of love to share, she aims to use her platform not only to entertain but to inspire. “I finally feel comfortable in my own skin after too many years,” she shares. “And I plan on proving to myself and the world that you can build your empire at any stage.”

The “She’s a Good Girl xx” podcast promises to be a sanctuary for those who dare to live unapologetically, offering stories, insights, and a dose of humor that is sorely needed in today’s world. From discussions about life’s trials and triumphs to conversations about breaking the mold and pursuing one’s passions, “She’s a Good Girl xx” is a beacon for anyone seeking to forge their path with courage and joy.

“Weed And Whiskey TV is excited to welcome Barbie Quinn and the ‘She’s a Good Girl xx’ podcast to our family,” said Jerry Joyner, CEO of Weed And Whiskey TV and host of “Weed And Whiskey News,” which has featured Barbie Quinn as an interview guest. “Her spirit and story resonate with our core values of authenticity, freedom, and the celebration of life’s pleasures. We are confident our viewers will find her voice not only entertaining but deeply inspiring,” added Jerry.

The “She’s a Good Girl xx” podcast is streaming now on Weed And Whiskey TV. Join Babie Quinn, as she takes you on a journey of empowerment, laughter, and real talk that promises to leave you feeling a little more fearless and a lot more connected.

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