Sofia Berlanga: Celebrates 10 years of innovation in the fashion industry with her brand Morena corazon


Sofia Berlanga

MEXICO CITY , MEXCIO CITY, MEXICO, May 3, 2024 / — Sofia Berlanga, the visionary founder behind Morena Corazon, is celebrating a decade of innovation in the fashion industry. Established in September 2013, Morena Corazon has redefined contemporary jewelry, seamlessly blending traditional Mexican artisan design with modern fashion aesthetics.

Drawing inspiration from art, nature, and her extensive travels, Sofia Berlanga infuses each Morena Corazon piece with cultural richness and intricate storytelling. Her designs serve as a testament to her profound respect for heritage, as well as her relentless pursuit of creativity and excellence.

Morena Corazon isn’t just a jewelry brand; it’s a purpose-driven project aimed at building a bridge between the past and the present. Through unique and handmade artisan designs,filled with story and meaning. Sofia Berlanga seeks to preserve and honor the legacy of Mexican craftsmanship while introducing it to a global audience.

“At Morena Corazon, we believe that jewelry should transcend mere adornment; it should encapsulate stories, traditions, and emotions,” says Sofia Berlanga, reflecting on her brand’s philosophy. “Each piece we create is a labor of love, meticulously crafted to embody the soul of Mexico and the spirit of contemporary fashion.”

Over the past decade, Morena Corazon has captivated audiences worldwide with its distinctive aesthetic and profound cultural significance. The brand’s presence extends across multiple markets, including Mexico, Europe, and the United States, where it has garnered a dedicated following of fashion enthusiasts and cultural aficionados.

In addition to its global reach, Morena Corazon has made a significant impact on the international fashion scene, with notable appearances at events such as London Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week, Madrid Fashion Week, and NYC Fashion Week. Sofia Berlanga’s visionary designs have earned critical acclaim and admiration from industry insiders, artists and fashion connoisseurs alike.

“Sofia Berlanga’s creative vision and dedication to preserving Mexican artisanal traditions have established Morena Corazon as a pioneering force in the fashion world,” remarks a spokesperson for the brand. “As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we remain committed to our mission of crafting jewelry that not only exudes beauty and style but also carries narratives rich in history and meaning.”

As Morena Corazon enters its second decade of innovation, Sofia Berlanga looks forward to continuing her journey of exploration and discovery, inspired by the diverse tapestry of cultures and experiences that define our world.

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