SideBar 2023 Recap: Defending Democracy, Challenging the Supreme Court and Pursuing a Pluralistic Society Free from Bias


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SideBar cohosts and law deans Jackie Gardina and Mitch Winick look back over the 29 episodes/25 guests featured in SideBar’s incredibly successful first season.

I am thrilled about the success of SideBar’s first season and how well it has fit into our current Legal Talk Network program schedule.”

— Laurence Colletti, Executive Producer

MONTEREY/SANTA BARBARA, CA, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2023 / — SideBar cohosts and law deans Jackie Gardina and Mitch Winick use the January 2, 2023 episode to look back over the 29 episodes and 25 guests featured in SideBar’s incredibly successful first season. If you have been a listener, this episode will highlight key moments from our discussions with expert guests, authors, lawyers, and judges on critical issues facing democracy, the legal system, the Supreme Court, and society. If you haven’t been a listener yet, start with this special episode to get a head start on selecting topics and guests to listen to from Season 1 . . . every episode as relevant and important today as when originally discussed with SideBar’s expert guests.

Season 1 guests include legal commentators Nina Totenberg, Elie Mystal, and Dahlia Lithwick — professors/authors David Pepper, David Noll, Orly Lobel, Joel Rogers, Charles Geyh, Nomi Stolzenberg, Judge Margaret McKeown, Rachel Hinkle, Morgan Hazelton, Thaddeus Johnson, Peniel Joseph, Julie Suk, Steve Vladeck, Lisa Kloppenberg, César García Hernández, Jeff Kosseff, Wendy Parmet, and Joanna Schwartz — CA Assemblymember Buffy Wicks — legal tech entrepreneur Nicole Clark — and national law and policy leaders Damon Hewitt, Suzanne Nossell, Drew Liebert, and Jonathan Mehta Stein.

In discussing the first season of SideBar, Winick, President and Dean of Monterey College of Law, emphasized that “Jackie and I believe that legal education should extend beyond the law school classroom. SideBar has provided a platform to discuss fundamental constitutional and individual rights that impact our everyday life.”

“Mitch and I started SideBar over a year ago to invite well-informed guests to discuss the laws and legal decisions that define our legal rights. Twenty-five extraordinary guests and 29 informative episodes later, we are pleased to have met our objective,” says Gardina, Dean of the Colleges of Law in Santa Barbara and Ventura. “We are excited to continue this journey as we launch Season 2 on January 16, 2024.”

The SideBar Season 2 guest list kicks off with Juvaria Kahn, founder of “The Appellate Project”, Renee Knake Jefferson, author of “Law Democratized”, Aliza Shatzman, founder of “The Legal Accountability Project”, Rich Hasen, author of “A Real Right to Vote”, and Madiba Dennie, author of “The Originalism Trap”.

In looking back over Season 1, Winick and Gardina also recognized the essential role of David Eakin who served as SideBar’s producer and provided original music for each episode and Gogo Zoger who served as the podcast’s social media director. “Jackie and I might provide the conversation, but without David and Gogo, SideBar would not have sustained the listener base we achieved during Season 1,” said Gardina. “We were told that a reasonable goal for a start-up podcast was 10,000 downloads the first year,” said Winick. However, with the support of David, Gogo, and the Legal Talk Network team, we had more than 42,000 downloads this past season and we hope to expand that considerably during Season 2.

Laurence Colletti, Executive Producer of Legal Talk Network, said “I am thrilled about the success of SideBar’s first season and how well it has fit into our current Legal Talk Network program schedule. Mitch and Jackie have brought exceptional guests such as Dahlia Lithwick, Elie Mystal, and Nina Totenberg onto the program, as well as a wide range of experts and authors discussing free speech, racial and gender equity, judicial ethics, the regulation of AI, and many other important topics. All of us here at Legal Talk Network are looking forward to SideBar’s Season 2 which starts Tuesday, January 16, 2024.”

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