Pollock Clinics Now Offers Penile Rehabilitation After Prostate Surgery


Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction after prostate surgery in BC

The clinically advanced treatment program helps patients maintain or regain their sexual function after prostate surgery.

We’ve built an extensive rehabilitation protocol which has been scientifically validated through multiple research studies to help patients avoid the long-term complications after prostate surgery.”

— Dr. Neil Pollock

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, February 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Prostate surgery, like any major prostate intervention, can have a devastating impact on a patient’s sexual function and penis size. Over 70% of prostate surgery patients can experience postoperative complications of erectile dysfunction (ED), penile shortening and difficulty achieving orgasm. Pollock Clinics is pleased to offer effective penile rehabilitation treatments after prostate surgery at their New Westminster clinic to reduce the risk of these long-term complications and support patients through their recovery journey.

Despite how common these complications are it can be difficult to access effective treatment options. There can be a knowledge gap about the importance of rehabilitation or where to seek postoperative care. In many cases, rehab is limited to oral medications. Pollock Clinics understands that aggressive, early treatment is optimal for long-term recovery. Early intervention matters, and the clinic’s doctors and nurses tailor treatment plans to each patient’s individualized needs and goals.

Why does prostate intervention result in sexual dysfunction? It’s because prostate surgery can temporarily or permanently damage the blood vessels and nerves necessary for getting and maintaining an erection. The prostate is stretched and manipulated, nerves are cut, and blood and nerve supply gets interrupted. This also leads to penis shortening because the penis loses the ability to expand properly and fill with blood. Enough trauma occurs during the procedure to cause long-term damage (even during nerve-sparing procedures). With no treatment, some or all of the complications can be permanent.

Penile rehabilitation is a combination of medical and physical therapies designed to exercise the patient’s penis and help them maintain the sex life and size they had before prostate surgery. Patients who use a penile rehabilitation strategy have up to a 3 times better chance of recovering erections, penis size and functional orgasms compared to patients who undergo minimal or no treatment.

Pollock Clinics also offers “prehab” treatment before a prostate intervention to pave the path for functional recovery. Studies show that patients who undergo pre-treatment experience improved rates of return to erectile function compared to those who only undergo postoperative treatment. Prehab also allows their clinical team to establish a baseline for the patient’s sexual function prior to the prostate procedure. They then refer to that baseline afterwards to better evaluate recovery progress.

“Patients who are scheduled for prostate surgery or already experiencing postoperative complications shouldn’t delay any further,” Dr. Pollock explained. “Come see Pollock Clinics to optimize the pathway to recovery.”

Prospective patients can book a consultation at www.pollockclinics.com or call the clinic directly at (604) 717-6200 to learn more about penile rehabilitation after prostate surgery. They encourage patients to reach out immediately upon scheduling their prostate surgery or as soon as possible afterwards.

Pollock Clinics has offered expert care for over 25 years and is one of Canada’s largest providers of men’s health treatments. Dr. Neil Pollock, Dr. Jack Chang, and Dr. Aaron Goldstein have performed over 100,000 procedures. The clinic offers no-needle no-scalpel vasectomies and circumcision for all ages. In addition to erectile dysfunction, they also offer men’s sexual health treatments for Peyronie’s Disease, ejaculatory difficulties, and testosterone replacement therapy. Finally, the clinic provides aesthetic procedures for penile enlargement and hair restoration. Pollock Clinics has the expertise and experience to treat intimate sexual health concerns with the highest standard of care.

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