Bola Tinubu, U.S. Secretary Blinken Denounced for Timid Response to Plateau Atrocities


Judd Saul getting to know the new kids at Equipping the Persecuted school.

IDP Camps Occupied by Mothers and Orphans in Benue State, Nigeria

Burial of citizen guards in Nigeria.

Both Shamed for False Narrative, Complicity with the Attackers

Our investigation shows that the gunmen were on a rampage of killing and destruction for more than 48 hours, moving from one village to another”

— Amnesty International

GREENBELT, MD, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2023 / — Mr. Judd Saul, founder of the Christian NGO, Equipping the Persecuted, has denounced the Nigerian President Bola Tinubu’s lame response to heartbreaking atrocities in Platea State since Christmas Eve in a public statement Friday: “We know who is responsible for attacks,” said Saul. “It’s the same Fulani Terrorists that have been killing Christians for the last 20 years. We know where they are. We know who they are. So does the Nigerian government. How many more innocent Christians need to die before Tinubu takes action to protect the innocent citizens of Nigeria?”

The ETP-linked website,, first reported the massive unhindered attacks on Christmas day.

In a tweet Wednesday the U.S. Mission in Abuja condemned the bloody and predicted attacks against Christian farmers in Plateau State that began Dec. 23 and have continued sporadically for 6 days.

Rights Defenders Threw Shade at Abuja and Washington, D.C.

The Human Rights community denounced the tepid comment in scathing tweets Friday. Save the Persecuted Christians tweeted: “Tell @secBlinken to redesignate Nigeria as a Country of Particular Concern. And send an investigation team to Plateau and the IDP Camps and report your findings. The persecution of Christians in Nigeria must be compelled to end. @officialABAT is liable.” STPC tweeted in a follow-up: “This isn’t a clash between herders and farmers due to climate. It is religious TERRORISM, and the government of Nigeria @official ABAT is complicit as are YOU @SecBlinken.”

The United States Diplomatic Mission in Nigeria said in a social media post on Wednesday that it condemns the recent attacks across Plateau communities that left nearly 200 persons dead.

“It is imperative that those responsible for these heinous attacks are held accountable,” the U.S. authorities urged the Nigerian government while expressing “heartfelt condolences for the tragic loss of life.”

The international rights community has rained alarms for a week: “I am deeply alarmed by recent attacks in Plateau State that have left at least 150 people dead. Government must investigate fully and independently, hold those responsible to account, break cycle of impunity and address root causes,” tweeted UN Human Rights High Commissioner Volker Turk on Wednesday.

Gunmen Allowed Unhindered Rampage for 48 Hours

Multiple Nigerian media claimed the hundreds of armed mercenaries rampaging through 28 Plateau communities were allowed to kill and burn unhindered for 48 hours, citing a statement from Amnesty International.

“The Nigerian authorities must investigate the inexcusable security lapses that allowed the horrific killing of over 140 people by gunmen across 20 villages in Bokkos and parts of Barkin-Ladi local government areas of Plateau State. Our investigation shows that the gunmen were on a rampage of killing and destruction for more than 48 hours, moving from one village to another.”

President Bola Tinubu who came to office in late May has assured that he is all out to fight the armed gangs, commonly called bandits, that he seeks to boost foreign investment in Africa’s most populous country. The Nigerian military has taken the initiative to kill and capture kidnapping gangs in several Northwestern Nigerian states since his assuming office, but the killing fields of Plateau and Benue States in the Middle Belt have been a free-fire zone for the invading jihadist mercenaries, according to on the ground reporters for

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