Aventurico Launches Family-Focused Escape Room Experience


Aventurico Launches Family-Focused Escape Room Experience

Immersive adventures and unforgettable entertainment are now available at a new Barcelona and Madrid escape room.

BARCELONA, MADRID, SPAIN, January 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Aventurico proudly announces the official launch of its captivating escape room (Barcelona and Madrid) experience tailored especially to families and kids. With a focus on providing unique and memorable entertainment, Aventurico invites locals and visitors to immerse themselves in a diverse range of thrilling quests.

The escape rooms at Aventurico promise an enchanting journey through Wonderland, magical academies, mysterious jungles, and the captivating realm of virtual reality. Each experience is thoughtfully crafted, combining high-tech puzzles, mesmerizing decorations, and challenging mysteries.

In the words of the spokesperson at Aventurico, “Aventurico is excited to bring escape room adventures to Barcelona and Madrid. Families and kids can embark on thrilling quests, solving puzzles together and creating enduring memories.”

Some highlights of the Barcelona and Madrid escape room Quests available at Aventurico include:

Alice and the Key of Time: Participants join Alice and the rabbit to save Wonderland from the Queen of Hearts. This delightful experience is suitable for children aged 6 to 13, accompanied by at least one adult or monitor.

Alice in Wonderland: Step into Wonderland, where time and space play tricks. Solve puzzles to uncover the mystery and prevent distortions from entering our world. This adventure is suitable for players aged 14 and above, accompanied by an adult or monitor.

Academy of Magic: Take on the mission to restore balance in the magic world by creating the philosopher’s stone. A family-friendly adventure with easy complexity levels.

The Jungle Secret: Immerse yourself in the world of the jungle, inspired by Jumanji. Act swiftly to reach the end or stay in the game forever. This experience is suitable for players aged 14 and above, accompanied by an adult or monitor.

Virtual Reality games are also featured like:

Beat Saber VR: Dive into the latest gaming trend with Oculus Quest 2 glasses. Participants become Jedis and DJs simultaneously, breaking blocks to the beat of music.

Among Us VR: Experience the viral Among Us game in virtual reality. Uncover the impostor among the crew in this fully immersive adventure.

In addition to individual bookings, Aventurico is available for kids’ parties and special events. Families and groups are encouraged to book their adventure today and create lasting memories with Aventurico.

For more information or to make a reservation, visit www.aventurico.com

About Aventurico:

Aventurico stands as a leading provider of family-friendly escape room Barcelona and Madrid experiences. Committed to delivering immersive adventures for all ages, Aventurico combines cutting-edge technology, captivating storytelling, and enchanting decorations to create unforgettable memories for participants.

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