With Blue Label Labs, the US’ Largest Bubble Tea Chain, Kung Fu Tea, Launches a New Mobile App to Serve Its 300+ Locations and 300,000+ Annual Customers


The overhauled app delivers a superior user experience by simplifying the ordering process and the rewards system.

NEW YORK - August 31, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Blue Label Labs, an award-winning remote-first digital agency, has helped the global restaurant chain Kung Fu Tea design and develop an innovative new mobile app for iOS and Android. 

Kung Fu Tea is the largest and fastest-growing bubble tea chain in the U.S., but like many businesses, they initially opted for an off-the-shelf solution that allowed them to get a mobile app on their customers' smartphones quickly.

However, as demands grew and competition mounted, the company partnered with Blue Label Labs to develop a new mobile app.

Some notable factors of what went into creating the new app:

  1. Competitive Analysis - Blue Label Labs conducted a deep-dive study of Kung Fu Tea's competition to understand what was working well and what wasn't.
  2. Interviews with current users - They petitioned feedback from the existing user base to uncover what they liked about the existing app and what they'd like to see.
  3. Tracking user behavior - Segment and Mixpanel were used to identify cohorts and track and analyze user behavior.
  4. Performance Optimization - AppsFlyer was utilized to understand marketing campaign performance and collect user data from outside the app while preserving customer privacy.
  5. Backend Customization - The LevelUp APIs were used to power a loyalty program that allowed customization and interoperability with third-party providers.

Users will notice that several front-end elements have changed for the better:

#1 The home screen amplifies important announcements

The new home screen allows Kung Fu Tea to better communicate upcoming promotions, partnerships, and product launches to customers in a streamlined way.

Rather than static promo graphics, KFT now has a modular system that allows them to place more refined promotional links, content, and images that customers can quickly scroll through.

#2 The ordering process has been simplified

The ordering process has fewer steps and screens, reducing ordering time and confusion. Blue Label Labs has also made the app much more friendly when users need to back up or change something.

While previously a customer would have to start their order all over if they made a mistake (leading to many abandoned orders), the new app makes altering an order a breeze.

#3 The rewards system brings clarity and fun

The overhauled rewards system also helps loyal customers make the most of their experience. As a tie-in with their motif, rewards are now reflected in belts to indicate a customer's reward ranking.

This custom, flexible rewards system allows users to easily navigate and scroll through items, increase their in-app credits and redeem their rewards.

#4 Easy menu navigation

Kung Fu Tea has 340 locations nationwide, some of which are TKK locations offering food items.

The new app allows customers to quickly toggle between the KFT and TKK menus, which will help promote the different varieties of food and drink available for order within the app.

The new Kung Fu Tea app is in beta and launching soon to the general public on iOS and Android.

Learn more about the new KFT mobile app on the Blue Label Labs blog.

About Blue Label Labs

Blue Label is an award-winning, remote-first team agency operating around the globe.

Partnering with ambitious companies, they build apps that truly transform businesses and connect meaningfully to the people that use them.


Company: Blue Label Labs

Person: Matteo Gasparello

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.bluelabellabs.com

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Original Source: With Blue Label Labs, the US' Largest Bubble Tea Chain, Kung Fu Tea, Launches a New Mobile App to Serve Its 300+ Locations and 300,000+ Annual Customers

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Contact Information:
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(310) 993-8065

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Original Source: Disruptive Technology Start-Up RedCarpet™ Ships World-Famous Chicago and New York Pizza to Consumers Nationwide