TICOVIS: World’s First Portable Power Station With EV Charger


FORT COLLINS, Colo. - September 20, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

TICOVIS, a pioneering research company with a focus on clean energy solutions, just announced the launch of a revolutionary power station with EV Charger. Equipped with an integrated 250V, 16A AC charging connector, TICOVIS is the world's first power station to charge an electric vehicle for travel up to 20km. Available in three models with capacity up to 3600W output and featuring 10 output ports to satisfy the power needs of virtually any device or appliance, TICOVIS is the best portable power solution for home or on the go. Available now on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/835736625/ticovisworlds-first-portable-power-station-with-ev-charger.

TICOVIS power station is a lightweight, powerful, and fast-charging portable power source featuring efficient LiFePO₄ batteries known for their enhanced safety profile and long lifespan, up to 5,000 cycles. TICOVIS makes a dependable and capable power supply for off-grid application and home emergencies but what makes it revolutionary is the ability to charge EV vehicles. With highly integrated AC charging post technology, TICOVIS can charge an EV through direct output for trips up to 20km without the need for a heavy adapter.

"Today's power-hungry devices and busy lifestyles demand a reliable source of portable power and at TICOVIS, we have been providing innovative power stations that deliver large capacity and versatile charging solutions. We have long been committed to achieving sustainable development of low-carbon footprint power solutions, so we are excited to deliver a product that adds value and convenience to the EV lifestyle. TICOVIS is the world's first power station to charge your EV for travel up to 20km," said Ronghua Yan, TICOVIS founder.

TICOVIS is easy to use with a smart screen display showing power remaining, load rate, input power, output power, remaining charge and discharge time, over temperature warning, low temperature, overload warning, photovoltaic input, connection of USB-A, Type-C and Inverter AC via a vivid LCD screen. With UPS functions, TICOVIS always provides a conditioned and reliable source of power and pass-thorough charging. It has an array of convenient recharging methods including an efficient Solar Power System and included 200W solar panel. With a max solar input of 600W, solar energy can recharge TICOVIS in just three hours.

TICOVIS is a reliable home backup power station. It is especially useful for running medical equipment such as respirators or CPAP machines, to power an off-grid home or just save on electricity bills. It is a great backup power supply for any need, powering cameras, drones, smartphones, laptops, GPS devices, radios and small appliances, in addition to EV vehicles.

TICOVIS, the World's First Portable Power Station With Integrated EV Charger, is the ultimate backup power supply. The ability to charge an EV with integrated AC charging post technology makes the power station the obvious choice for users who travel with an EV and sets this reliable power supply system apart from the rest. TICOVIS is available now with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. To learn more, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/835736625/ticovisworlds-first-portable-power-station-with-ev-charger.

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Ronghua Yan
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