REV Social Network Announces Will Chesney, Former Navy SEAL, to Advisory Board


REV Social Network is honored to have such a highly decorated Navy SEAL within the ranks.

Will Chesney

Will Chesney announces his partnership with REV Social Network.

DALLAS - November 10, 2022 - (

Former Navy SEAL Chief from Team Six, Will Chesney, the dog handler on the historic raid on the Osama Bin Laden compound, joins REV Social Network as the Chief Security Advisor.

Chesney served as a SEAL Team Operator and handler for Military Working Dog (MWD) Cairo, the only dog on the team that executed Operation Neptune Spear. This infamous operation eliminated Osama Bin Laden and ended an eight-year campaign to capture or terminate the renowned terrorist. Chesney, who served at NSW DEVGRU (SEAL Team Six), is the recipient of a Silver Star and a Purple Heart, also the author of the best-selling book "No Ordinary Dog." While this gripping and emotional memoir details Chesney's working relationship with Cairo through multiple deployments, it also memorializes how Cairo saved Chesney's life in more ways than one. Will now focuses on helping veterans who have suffered from traumatic brain injury and engages in dog handler training with various law enforcement agencies such as SWAT and the Sheriff's department, to name a few. In addition, he can now add Chief Security Advisor to the list of his incredible accomplishments.

REV Social Network is honored to have such a highly decorated Navy SEAL within the ranks. One of the most important things to Will and REV is keeping users safe and their data secure because social media users' personal business shouldn't be a business. With Will's previous training to take action against terrorist groups, capture or eliminate high-level targets, and see across enemy lines, he has the talent and skill set to handle today's enemies on American soil. Will's next mission is to combat the privacy issues users face today as the team at REV Social Network focuses on providing members with the best secure online experience.

For example, "Have you ever said aloud while walking through your house about something you wanted to buy? Go on social media and see that same item available to purchase at various locations? How do you think it appears on your timeline? Because they are listening to your private conversations," said REV CEO Shastina Sandman. REV is not listening to users' private conversations like other platforms.

REV Social Network encourages people worldwide to create an account on REV Social Network either online, at the Apple Store, or at Google Play to experience how user data is not harvested or sold.

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