Plotly Releases the Next Generation of Its Low-Code Data App Platform


Dash Enterprise 5.0 prioritizes industry-leading scalability, collaboration, and app management features

MONTREAL - October 17, 2022 - (

Plotly has released Dash Enterprise 5.0, the leading low-code platform for building, scaling, and deploying Python data apps. Version 5.0 grants customers a sophisticated, fully scalable architecture and features that greatly improve the user experience of both IT administrators and app authors.

The platform is built on Kubernetes architecture and is compatible across Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure cloud service providers.

Dash Enterprise 5.0 equips IT platform administrators with new tools for user management, resource management, and security compliance:

  • Multi-server architecture can run hundreds of apps on the same platform. App services scale redundantly across servers, which can easily be added as usage expands.
  • Scripted installation enables customers to easily install Dash Enterprise within their private cloud. It requires little Kubernetes management experience, addressing common pain points around infrastructure provisioning while keeping customers' information behind their firewall.
  • The identity access integration wizard accommodates 10 identity providers, plus custom connections via SAML, OpenID Connect (OIDC) or LDAP, bypassing hours of configuration in seconds and ensuring single sign-on (SSO) and access management for all apps.
  • Platform observability from cluster to app level empowers administrators to view app logs, delete stale apps, rank when apps were recently viewed, or remotely terminate unauthorized user activity.

Dash Enterprise 5.0 grants app authors secure collaboration and powerful, low-code data science workflows:

  • Easily scale apps across multiple nodes in the cluster, enabling apps to handle more users and most apps to run two to eight times faster. Co-owner and group permissions enable app authors to collaborate on, manage, and deploy the same app.
  • A modern UI reduces app deployment time by 50% with a built-in Workspace IDE, drag-and-drop data uploads, one-click app templates, and a simple deploy button.
  • Upload, read, update, and cache datasets up to 25 GB per app in a fast, secure, isolated filesystem attached to the app and Workspace, overcoming storage limitations of deployment images and Git repositories without introducing network costs or delays. Visualize 120 million rows of data in less than four seconds.

"The Dash framework is downloaded over 1 million times monthly, and data apps are becoming essential to every company's analytics strategy. Dash Enterprise 5.0 combines industry-standard, cloud-native Kubernetes architecture with cutting-edge product design that removes common IT barriers to bringing data apps into production," said Chris Parmer, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Plotly.

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