PAN’S SCHEME Announces Launch of Snap Filter – the User-Friendly Filter Solution for iPhone Photo Effects


NEW YORK - September 6, 2022 - (

Today, PAN'S SCHEME announced the launch of a revolutionary new iPhone lens filter system that attaches in seconds with a simple magnetic mount and features an ND filter set that provides easy exposure control and stunning effects including diffusion and cross-start effects, as well as Anamorphic lens styles for streak and flare effects. Snap Filter is the easiest way to create fun effects fast with iPhone and is available now on Kickstarter:

Snap Filter is an easy-to-use, lightweight, and portable filter system for iPhone 12/13/14 series models that includes a magnetic filter base by Magsafe that snaps directly onto the back of iPhone and a series of cinematographic quality filters that instantly attach to the base. Unlike clamp filter designs on the market that often block the phone screen and are time-consuming to install, Snap Filter uses a lightweight Insert-in filter design that attaches instantly and makes filter changes possible in just a second.

Consisting of 4 filter types that work in perfect conjunction with all three iPhone lenses, the system is simple to use and provides stunning effects for photography or videos without ghosting.

"The iPhone is a powerful platform for photography and content creation, but it lacks the ability to install or change filters to achieve certain effects. Instead, it requires digital filters and the use of apps yet still cannot achieve special effects such as diffusion and special FX filters like Black Mist, Streak, Cross Star, and others. The Snap Filter takes a better approach, with a simple magnetic system that installs instantly and makes is easy to switch between specialized effects lenses so that even beginners can create stunning effects at the touch of a button." - Tim Pan, Founder, PAN'S SCHEME

The filters offered cover a range of possibilities for image effects including:

ND Filter Set

•Four filters included -2/ -4/ -6/ -8 stops that adapt to various exposures providing cinematographic quality and super accurate color representation for preventing color shift.

Black Mist Filter

•Softens the image and adds a blur effect with elegant glowing highlight flares

Blue Streak Filter Set

•Anamorphic Lens Style that adds glowing blue streak flares on the highlights of the image and gives the image a Sci-tech Style.

Gold Streak Filter Set

•Anamorphic Lens Style that adds glowing gold streak flares on the highlights of the image and gives the image a Warm California Style

Cross-star Filter

•Turns circular light sources into stunning cross-star effects that add interest and glamor to images.

Snap Filter - the Ultimate iPhone Filter Solution is the most fun and easy way to create fantastic photography or video content with iPhone. It's perfect for pros and beginners alike and gives anyone the power to create cool effects right from their iPhone. Snap Filter is available now on Kickstarter with special pricing for early adopters. To learn more visit the campaign here:

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