infoCorvus Chooses New CEO


infoCorvus, a leader in enterprise data management, is extremely thrilled to welcome data management visionary Ali Elkortobi as its new CEO. Elkortobi is an inspiring leader with hands-on experience on delivering products from concept to production and helping customers deliver on their challenging data management projects. infoCorvus has exciting plans ahead and the entire team agrees there is no better leader to drive the company's growth and success. 

Elkortobi has led product teams in large software companies such as Oracle, HP and Micro Focus. 

Sampath Sreetharan, one of the two founders, said, "Bringing Ali as a partner and CEO is a game changer for the company. This move will take the company to the next level. He will also enable infoCorvus to expand its footprint to European countries."

Lenny Santiago, also a founder, said, "Ali's product ideation and development experience will enable infoCorvus to quickly bring products and accelerators to market in the data management space. The go-getters on our team are ready for an inspirational leader." 

Elkortobi assumed leadership of infoCorvus on May 8, 2023.

About infoCorvus LLC  

infoCorvus is a leading reseller and services provider of data management services on the OpenText Structured Data Management (SDM) platform. infoCorvus has been in business since 2015, primarily providing data management services such as Data Archiving, Test Data Management, Sensitive Data Discovery and Legacy Application Retirement on the SDM platform to Fortune 500 companies.

Contact Information:
Sampath sreetharan
[email protected]

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