Graid Technology Announces Massive Performance Increase With New SupremeRAID Software Release


New release will drive up to 4X-9X increase in sequential write performance for customers protecting their data with SupremeRAID™, allowing users in AI/ML, video processing, and similar workloads to write data to NVMe drives at record speeds

Graid Technology, the award-winning data protection provider and developer of the only RAID card to offer customers access to the full performance of NVMe SSDs, is proud to announce a new software release for the SupremeRAID™ SR-1000 and SR-1010 offerings. This release, available in summer 2023, will drive even higher performance and lower CPU utilization than prior releases of SupremeRAID™. 

With traditional methods of data protection, users can expect sequential write performance of between 2GBps and 4GBps as I/O bottlenecks will prohibit full access to NVMe drive performance. Utilizing SupremeRAID™ with Graid Technology's patent-pending out-of-path data flow and new groundbreaking Intelligent Parity data reduction technology, users can expect speeds of greater than 90GBps1 for RAID5 sequential writes as all I/O bottlenecks are removed, allowing users to exploit the full performance of NVMe SSDs.

"This new enhancement offered by Graid Technology will give users of SupremeRAID™ a clear competitive advantage in the marketplace. The ability to write unstructured data sets to high-speed NVMe drives at such an accelerated rate will save our customers tremendous amounts of time and drive a lower TCO on their infrastructure purchases," said Leander Yu, President and CEO of Graid Technology. "Since our first product release in 2021, we have continually improved the performance of SupremeRAID™ with software updates for our existing customers. This clearly demonstrates the powerful capabilities of our technology; we can't wait to see how much further we can push it."

The enhanced release of SupremeRAID™ elevates the product that Graid Technology brings to the global enterprise market. It will be available to all Graid Technology customers, regardless of channel, as a free upgrade upon general release. As Graid Technology continues to expand its OEM, distribution, and integration partnerships, it will continue to work with customers and partners to explore options for additional functionality in future product and software enhancements. 

For media and sales inquiries, find SupremeRAID™ featured across the showroom floor at CloudFest 2023 March 21-23 in Germany. Visit our event page to book a meeting at our booth or any of our multiple partner booths. To learn more about groundbreaking SupremeRAID™ NVMe capabilities for high performance computing, you can also visit

1Based on Linux RAID5 with Intel Xeon Gold 6338 CPU, 32 core with 2.0 GHz x 2, 20 Phison EPW5970 NVMe drives.

About Graid Technology

SupremeRAID™ is the world's first NVMe and NVMeoF RAID card to unlock the full potential of enterprise SSD performance. Led by experts in the industry, Graid Technology is redefining next-generation RAID: a single SupremeRAID™ card delivers 19M IOPS and 110GB/s of throughput. Connect with us: Twitter or LinkedIn.

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