The Milwaukee Company Launches Two Tactical Asset Allocation ETFs


The Milwaukee Company (TMC), a Wisconsin investment firm, today announced the launch of two systematic asset allocation exchange traded fund-of-funds.

The Brinsmere Fund – Growth ETF (TBFG) and The Brinsmere Fund – Conservative ETF (TBFC) invest globally across multiple asset classes. They began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on January 16, 2024. Both funds utilize analytics developed by TMC, with a goal of generating strong risk-adjusted performance through time relative to comparable, passively managed fund of funds.

The Brinsmere Fund – Growth ETF (TBFG) and its counterpart, The Brinsmere Fund – Conservative ETF (TBFC), are fund-of-funds that invest in low-cost, index-tracking equity and bond ETFs targeting specific market segments. The pair of actively managed ETFs use a combination of two distinctive, rules-based asset allocation strategies run independently.

“The Brinsmere ETFs provide the investing public with access to the same academically sound, rules-based portfolio management strategies that we have successfully used for many years to manage brokerage accounts for our high-net-worth client base,” says Andrew Willms, president and chief executive officer of The Milwaukee Company. “They allow us to utilize these strategies in a tax-advantaged manner, as compared to separately managed accounts.” 

“The Brinsmere Funds seek to reduce risk and enhance performance by adjusting asset allocation based on its risk assessment, as determined by a set of proprietary indicators,” explains Shrey Patel, senior portfolio manager at The Milwaukee Company. “The rules-based investment strategies used by the Brinsmere Funds are founded in the belief that investment strategies directed by academic research and supported by historical evidence produce better long-term results than those that rely heavily on personal judgments and ad-hoc predictions.”

Each ETF charges a management fee of just 35 basis points. The total expense ratio for TBFG is 42 basis points and 41 basis points for TBFC.

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About The Milwaukee Company

The Milwaukee Company, established in 2010, manages approximately $1 billion for its clients. TMC offers investment-related services to individuals, trusts, investment entities, and charitable organizations. The company also provides insight and advice on how to reduce income taxes on investment portfolios, as well as plans to successfully transfer wealth to family members and charitable organizations. For additional information, visit:

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