RAAPID’s Goal is to Become a Unicorn in the Next 5 Years


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Healthcare broadly impacts every single person on Earth. RAAPID believes that it can contribute to making it better. The organization's goal is to consistently deliver solutions that allow healthcare organizations to meet the demands of the radically changing risk adjustment landscape. RAAPID is being adopted by health systems and insurance companies to retrieve Medicare patients' records, identify and validate correct Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) and International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes, and offer accurate Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF), also known as, RAF scores in the ever-changing value-based care environment. 

"Our technology is built to make customers' experience positive, effective, and efficient. It works for you, and you do not have to work around the technology," Chetan Parikh, the President of RAAPID, said.

The two most important parties in healthcare are "patients" and "doctors." The entire healthcare ecosystem (hospitals/clinics, insurance companies, pharma companies, device and diagnostics companies) benefits from the doctor and patient interaction. However, the patients are getting suboptimal treatment at ever-increasing costs and the doctors are extremely stressed out as they are loaded with non-clinical tasks, higher risks of lawsuits, and lower take-home pay.  

"Our mission at RAAPID is to support the healthcare ecosystem so that doctors can give the best care to the patients without being stressed out and at a lower cost to the patients. We are committed to developing and deploying advanced healthcare AI technologies that empower healthcare workers to deliver affordable care with empathy and make a positive impact on their lives. Our goal is to make human activities more meaningful. The idea is not to promote any manual reviews of basic information and make human experts do what matters - Interpretations & Excellence of Care. In my view, RAAPID stands apart from competitors because of our technology, customer-obsessed culture, and passionate teammates," Parikh stated.


RAAPID's vision is to become the world's leading technology provider of customizable risk adjustment products for value-based healthcare organizations. For value-based healthcare organizations seeking increased revenue and reduced administrative costs, RAAPID's risk adjustment dashboard is a complete solution that is customizable based on customer needs. RAAPID.AI is using artificial intelligence (AI), machine/deep learning (ML/DL), medically-trained natural language processing (NLP), and knowledge graphs to power its platform. 

 RAAPID is unique - Why?

  • Large players generally offer a "one-size-fits-all" solution. RAAPID.AI is fully customized and personalized.
  • Agile engineering team with a never-ending improvisation and discovery hunger.
  • The workflow expedites in three clicks. We offer great "ease of use."
  • By building from scratch, we have full control over the NLP and are appropriately customizable.
  • A dedicated account manager and a dedicated customer success team for the client to whom the client has access 24*7.
  • To shift from my existing RA solution to RAAPID - there is NO need to undergo any major administrative / IT / manpower attritions.

"The goal of the organization for the next five years is to make RAAPID's SaaS and API offerings accessible to all healthcare payers, providers, and medical coders for better data accuracy, proper on-time risk score derivation, and most importantly, achieve value-based care," the President of RAAPID concluded.

For more information, contact Suparna Das Gupta at [email protected].

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