Orlando Credit Union Hires David Duncan as New VP of Member Experience


David Duncan, VP Member Experience, Orlando Credit Union

David Duncan, VP Member Experience, Orlando Credit Union

Orlando Credit Union takes a laser focus approach to its members and membership value with David Duncan, the new VP of Membership Experience. "We're usually on the go here," states Duncan. "We have a small but mighty Marketing/PR/ and Communications Team and I'm the luckiest guy in the world, having a wonderful experience leading our group to speak to and for our members in a meaningful way," added David. Duncan comes to Orlando Credit Union from having worked in professional services, software, and banking companies throughout the United States and Canada including Deloitte, PeopleSoft, and TD Bank.

"The organization is my sheer pleasure to be a part of and our commitment to our members is unparalleled in the market. Understanding and responding to the members experience, helps us solidify adding membership value and distinguishes us from the heard of financial institutions working to distance themselves from helping people," stated David. "Here, we are not interested in keeping people at a distance, we embrace our members and leverage technology innovation only as a tool to help us connect better," stated Duncan. "I'm also finding that a differentiating factor to the member experience here is our Executive Leadership Team. It's a group that's fully committed to member service, working to enhance the financial well-being of our members that I'm honored to be included among."

"I've been fortunate in my career and in being in this place, this Orlando Credit Union. This is so much more than a bank, it's personal and is completely dedicated to helping members advance their financial well-being. We offer full banking services, but more than that, we offer solutions in times of financial need and empathy as people build their financial future," stated Duncan. "It really is an honor to be in the service of others. Few get the chance to have a dedicated profession where being responsible to others becomes their vocation. I have the privilege of this experience each and every day at Orlando Credit Union," stated Duncan.

"To folks seeking a financial services home that invests in them, with state-of-the-art technologies to advance wealth accumulation, I say, Join US! Orlando Credit Union is a member designed, built, and focused organization. Be a part of what we have to offer. Our member's experience focus is exceptional. At Orlando Credit Union, we want to help members be the leaders of their financial future. Here we're 'investinginU,'" states Duncan.

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