Bellevue Innovation Company Acquires 130-Person Mexico Fintech Software Development Company Atomic32


Fresh Consulting, a Bellevue, Washington-based innovation consulting firm, announced their purchase of Atomic32, a Mexico City-based software team of 130 responsible for advanced software and data engineering, including building Fintech software with 60% of Mexico’s regional banks.  

Led by Fernando Luege, Gerardo Aranda, and Enrique Bay, Atomic32 has created over 115 digital products impacting over five million users, delivering MVPs 60-80% faster on average. 

Atomic32 primarily specializes in app development, system diagnostics, data engineering, and legacy system modernization for financial services in the Mexican retail/commercial banking market, along with cloud infrastructure, data enrichment, and iterative innovation. In the course of their work, they have managed thousands of servers as a trusted partner.  

Fernando Luege, founder of Atomic32, said, “Atomic32 has extensive experience helping our customers prepare their data and systems to feed the newer AI models, from fraud prevention systems to customer support chatbots.”

With the addition of Atomic32’s innovative edge and technological expertise, Fresh is positioned as a more prominent technology leader in the growing global AI and Fintech industry, offering end-to-end execution with emerging technologies to additional markets. 

Jeff Dance, founder and CEO of Fresh Consulting, said, “We love the Atomic32 leadership team. Atomic’s focus on innovation and design, plus sophisticated data and back-end engineering, is a perfect fit with our multifaceted innovation approach to complex problems.”

Companies in the banking and Fintech industries face several common challenges, including outdated legacy systems, limited resources for agile innovation, cybersecurity threats, the need to leverage AI effectively and safely, and secure cloud data management. Together as one team, Fresh and Atomic32’s engineers will address those challenges head-on, offering tailored solutions to help financial institutions modernize, innovate, and stay competitive in today's rapidly evolving landscape. 

Moreover, with automation and manufacturing increasingly moving to Mexico, Atomic32 and Fresh will partner to expand Fresh’s automation and robotics services to manufacturing companies that need modern approaches for scaling efficient production.

Bringing Atomic32 into the fold represents Fresh’s sixth strategic investment since launching in 2007 and further signifies Fresh’s continuing commitment to helping more clients solve complex challenges in Fintech via strategic planning, tactical execution, and business roadmap acceleration to drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Fresh has been recognized as an Inc 5000 company for eight years straight.

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