Launches a Nationwide Assumable Mortgage Platform Where Anyone Can Find & Buy Homes With an Assumable Mortgage


Over 47,000 active assumable mortgage home listings - 77% with rates below 4% and 35% with rates below 3% national assumable mortgage listings

Use to search assumable mortgage lisings across the entire united states. Get vital information about each property including the existing interest rate, estimated P&I payments, interest savings, and down payment needed to assume., an expanding startup, has launched the first-ever national platform for assumable mortgage homes. For the first time, consumers and agents can search active listings for homes with an assumable mortgage anywhere in the United States. 

Assumable mortgages are typically FHA, VA, and USDA-backed loans. They allow you to maintain the existing terms of the mortgage on a home, including the existing interest rate.

With over 47,000 active assumable mortgage home listings for sale across the country, home buyers can save thousands by assuming the existing low-interest rate on a home. Seventy-seven percent of active listings have rates below 4 percent and 35 percent are below 3 percent. 

Buyers who feel they missed out on the low rates of the past have a chance to buy a home with rates as low as 1 percent. Sellers with an assumable mortgage have plenty to be excited about, with the potential to bring more buyers to the table and fetch the highest selling price possible for their assumable mortgage home.

“The assumable mortgage is the greatest money-saving opportunity home buyers have in today’s market,” said Ryan Carrillo, founder of “We have solved the chief problem facing assumable mortgages today: the ability to find listed homes with an assumable mortgage and completing a successful mortgage assumption.” is creating the center of gravity for the assumable mortgage industry by bringing buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lenders together to simplify assumable mortgages. 

“We founded because both of us saw an opportunity to help make the American dream more affordable for millions facing the stark reality of the housing market,” said co-founder Louis Ortiz. “Assumable mortgages are an unprecedented opportunity for buyers and sellers to get what they want - and Assumable is going to be there for them throughout their journey.”

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Original Source: Launches a Nationwide Assumable Mortgage Platform Where Anyone Can Find & Buy Homes With an Assumable Mortgage

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