The trailer for Sav Rodgers documentary Chasing Chasing Amy previews the Kevin Smith film


The Chasing Chasing Amy trailer presents Sav Rodgers’s documentary about discovering identity through Kevin Smith’s controversial film.

Movies mean different things to different people. It is impossible to predict which films will resonate with a particular person, and some films become more personal than other. Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy led Sav Rodgers to discover truths that he couldn’t define. The trailer for today’s Chasing Amy shows Rodgers on a self-discovery journey in preparation for a documentary about Smith’s controversial LGBTQ+ romance film. Kevin Smith’s cult classic was a lifeline for young Sav. Rodgers finds himself at a crossroads as he examines the film, its making and its importance to LGBTQ+ cinema. While Sav finds

Chasing Amy a gateway to becoming more comfortable with his identity, sections of the LGBTQ+ community think Smith’s film is polarizing and harmful to the community.Sav Rodgers says about the upcoming world premiere:

“The journey of making Chasing Chasing Amy has been eye-opening in so many ways. When I was younger I felt I had to defend to other LGBTQ+ individuals my connection to Chasing Amy despite its deep personal significance. This movie, which saved my life, also has a controversial past in the queer film canon. I hope that Chasing Amy shows that people and things can be complex, and that the relationship we have to the movies we grew up with can also be complex. The film also explores the film’s origin, investigates the controversy behind the movie’s rejection, and presents another side of adoration for problematic cinema.Chasing Chasing Amy

will have its premiere at Tribeca Festival 2023. Kevin Smith, Guinevere, Joey Lauren Adams and Scott Mosier star in the film. The production team includes Alex Schmider (Carla Radigan), Lela Meadow-Conner (Matthew C. Mills), Regina “Riley”, Rodgers and Andrew Ahn.

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