The opening sequence of Indiana Jones and Dial of Destiny features 25 minutes of Harrison Ford de-aged.


The upcoming

Indiana Jones Dial of Destiny

is the last time Harrison Ford will play the character. The film is expected open with a bang. The film is set in 1969 but the opening sequence shows a de-aged Indiana Jones running from Nazis in 1944. It turns out that we’ll get quite a lot of young(er) Indy as director James Mangold has confirmed to Total Film that the sequence runs for approximately 25 minutes.Related

Harrison Ford says Dial of Destiny ends Indiana Jones’s adventures with a “bang”.

incredibly gifted and agile. Mangold stated that Harrison Ford was “incredibly talented and agile” and that he “just shot him” and that he “just pretended that he had 35 years on him.“. Mangold said, “We have hundreds of hours of footage from him in close-ups to mediums and wides in all kinds of lighting, day and night,“. “I can shoot Harrison as a 79 year old playing a 35 year old on a Monday and have dailies with his head replaced by Wednesday.“. “It was a wonderful technology and I didn’t even think about it. I focused on what’s

, a 25-minute opener extravaganza. It was my chance to let it all rip. The goal was to give them a taste of what they had missed. Because then when the movie lands in 1969, they’re going to have to make an adjustment to what it is now, which is different from what it was.“[approximately]Related

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The film will be released in theaters on

May 18th. The film will hit theaters on June 30th, but will first premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on May 18th.

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