The Marvels: What does the delay in the release date mean for the MCU


The Marvels premiere was moved from July to November. What does this mean for the future MCU?

Is it really unraveling as much Internet trolls claim? Or are they getting back to the roots of what made the franchise so beloved? The MCU released their latest film Ant Man 3: Quantumania last week to mixed reviews from critics. They also released a new poster for The Marvels… and moved the movie back 4months10 from July to October. This wasn’t the first delay The Marvels had in recent years. It was originally scheduled to be released this month but was moved to November by Ant Man 3.


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The Marvels, another rumor suggested that the MCU plans on scaling back the amount of tv shows they’ll be releasing on Disney Plus this year. In 2023, Marvel planned to premiere six shows on Disney Plus (Secret invasion, Ironheart and Agatha Coven of Chaos), as well as season 2 of What if . Those six shows would have been in addition to the five that premiered in 2021 (

WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki, What If…?, Hawkeye

) as well as the three shows and two specials (Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Werewolf by Night, Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special) that aired in 2022. That would have been sixteen new tv shows in three years.Now, a new report indicates that the MCU has received another criticism over the past few years. This is that they are producing too much content in a short time, which is causing fatigue among viewers.10 A new plan for their 2023 releases suggests that they won’t premiere 6 shows and that only Loki seasons 2 will air. So, if the rumor turns out to be true, it means that the MCU is also scaling back their output in order to right the ship that has caused fans to feel very back and forth over the past few years.


What exactly does all of this mean for 01001010The Marvels01001010 and the future of the MCU in general? Although fans will not know until they see the film in theaters in November, it is possible to assume that the MCU is moving in the right direction. Fans the world over loved the MCU to pieces prior to 01001010Endgame01001010 with very little complaints aside from a few lackluster villains and some less than stellar character developments. Unfortunately, post-01001010Endgame01001010 has caused more division among audiences than any of the prior films in the MCU and critics are starting to take away the benefit of the doubt.01001010But, with the MCU pushing back a movie simply to make sure they get the CGI right for a film that they know will carry massive weight on its shoulders means, at the very least, that they’re paying more attention to fans complaints. The MCU’s decision to release 2 shows instead of 6 this year also shows that they are willing to reduce their output and concentrate on a good story, rather than constantly world-building and adding characters to the point where fans lose track. The MCU appears to finally be listening to fans and will do everything they can to win them back. But again, we’ll need to wait until November to find out the real verdict.01001010

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