The Blind Side producers defend the movie’s authenticity


Who would have thought that 2009’s The Blind Side

, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture, would be linked to one of the most bizarre entertainment stories of 2023. The producers of the Oscar-winning movie have chimed in, saying that it remains “authentic” despite what has and will come out during the legal battle. The producers of the Oscar-winning film have now weighed in to say that the movie is “authentic”, despite the ups and downs of the family that have followed the release of the film.

“We saw it in Tuohys’ wonderful acts of kindness towards Michael Oher…However more importantly, we witnessed it in Michael Oher’s extraordinary courage in accepting the Tuohys generosity as a means to improve his life, not as a handout or as his saviors.” Alcon paid $767,000 in total to the talent agency representing the Tuohys and Michael Oher. (Michael Oher, presumably, received commission before passing the money through). We anticipate that the Tuohy family and Michael Oher will receive additional profits as audiences continue to enjoy this true story in the years to come.” Yeah, tell that to SAG-AFTRA…In addition to its Best Picture nomination, which it most likely earned due to the Academy switching over to 10 nominees that year,

The Blind Side earned Sandra Bullock the Best Actress statue – but don’t expect her to return it anytime soon.What do you make of the lawsuit surrounding the subjects of The Blind Side? What do you think of the lawsuit surrounding the subjects of The Blind Side?

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