The Arrow in the Head Show stops at the Bates Motel in Psycho II


For the new episode of The Arrow in the Head Show, John “The Arrow” Fallon and Lance Vlcek look back at Psycho II

A new episode of The Arrow in the Head Show has just been released this morning, and in this one hosts John “The Arrow” Fallon and Lance Vlcek head over to the Bates Motel to discuss one of the most surprisingly good sequels ever made: 1983’s Psycho II (watch it HERE)! A movie that came along twenty-three years after its predecessor and somehow managed to be a worthy follow-up to one of the greatest horror movies ever made, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 classic Psycho. To find out what Lance and The Arrow had to say about Psycho II, check out the video embedded above.

Directed by Richard Franklin from a screenplay by Tom Holland, Psycho II has the following synopsis: Two decades after the original murders at the Bates Motel, Norman Bates completes his treatment at a mental institution and returns home to find his hotel run down under the management of Warren Toomey. Norman hears voices again, despite a new friendship with a waitress. He also gets a job busing tables in a diner. No matter how hard he tries, Norman cannot keep “Mother” from returning and coaxing him to unleash the homicidal maniac within.

Anthony Perkins reprises the role of Norman Bates and is joined in the cast by Vera Miles, Robert Loggia, Meg Tilly, Dennis Franz, Hugh Gillin, Robert Alan Browne, Claudia Bryar, Ben Hartigan, Lee Garlington, Jill Caroll, Tim Maier, and Osgood Perkins.

Here’s some information on The Arrow in the Head Show: We’re trying something a bit new here on Arrow In The Head. We’ve spent many years behind the scenes and decided to bring our sarcastic, booze-influenced style to the video age with Arrow in the Head Show. Hosted by John Fallon aka The Arrow and Lance Vlcek, we will dig into not only the newest horror flicks hitting the big and small screens but also delve into the good, bad, and ugly of horror from the golden ages of the ’80s through the underrated 90s and maybe a bit beyond.Something groovy and a tad rough around the edges, we are here to talk shop with a drink in hand, a bit of foul language, and a whole lot of heart.This episode of the show was Edited by Lance. What did you think about this episode? Are you a fan or not of Psycho II? Below are a few episodes of

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