The 4:30 Movie: Kevin Smith to shoot new film with SAG waiver


The indie superstar has been given the green light to make his film, which is a throwback to his famous films like Clerks and Mallrats. Kevin Smith seems to be at ease outside of Hollywood politics. The writer/director spent most of his career on the periphery of the studio system, but he has occasionally stepped into the heart of a high-budget film. The foul-mouthed director can also produce a film at a Woody Allen pace, as his films are produced relatively cheaply with non-complex projects. Smith has recently been given the green light to make a new film thanks to a waiver bestowed to him from the Screen Actors’ Guild. is reporting that Smith is ready to move forward with his next project,

The 4:30 Movie

. Smith wrote the doomed Superman lives for Tim Burton. His Nicolas Cage incarnation was now infamously realized in The flash. He held a reading of the script for the unmade project. The film was granted a waiver from SAG due to its status as an indie movie with a completed screenplay. The film was granted a waiver from SAG thanks to its status as an indie movie with an already completed screenplay.The synopsis, according to, says, “The movie will star Austin Zajur (Clerks III,

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark) in the lead role, and centers on a group of teens in the 1980s, who pay to get into one movie, and spend the day theater-hopping.”Smith told the attendees at the live reading, “Even though the writers are striking, my script was written, so we were getting ready to go into production. The film was supposed to have been in production last week. SAG, the Screen Actors Guild, went on strike. You can make a film without a writer if you have a script, which we had. You can’t produce a film without actors. This kind of killed off our plans to shoot a film this summer, unless we qualified for a waiver. The movie was never going to be an AMPTP film — that’s what the strike is about — so we had a chance to apply for a waiver to SAG. We already had a low budget movie, it’s only $3 millions. Our movie does not threaten SAG or WGA. It doesn’t hurt the cause. SAG has already given 39 waivers to productions who were just three days or one week away. Low-budget productions that were not AMPTP-related productions.”He continued, “So we applied for a waiver and we were really hoping to get one so that we could maybe shoot the movie this summer, instead of waiting until the strike ends….Here’s something I found out last night: we got our waiver. By the end of August we’ll be shooting a film right here. It’s a movie that’s set in 1986 and it’s set at this movie theater right here, and it’s kind of about me, and

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