Scott Adkins interviews Keanu Reeves about his career in action movies


Legendary action star Scott Adkins talks to his co-star and fellow legend Keanu Reeves, about his long career. As an action hero.

Here at JoBlo, we’re pretty massive fans of both Scott Adkins and Keanu Reeves. You can watch them both battle it out right now in Johnwick: Chapter 4, and if it’s not on your list of must-see movies, you are really missing out. Scott Adkins hosts a show called The Art of Action on his YouTube channel, where he interviews some of the biggest modern action stars about their careers. Adkins, who is an action hero himself, can get into the nitty gritty of some of these most complex scenes in their careers because he understands how physically challenging they can be. Adkins has interviewed nearly every notable action star, and they open up to him in a way that they don’t elsewhere. Adkins and his co-star Keanu sat down for a two part interview to celebrate the release of

Johnwick: Chapter 4. The first part, which just dropped, features Reeves talking about his earlier action movies, devoting significant time to Point Break, Speed and The Matrix. The 45-minute interview is one of Reeves’ best. Adkins’ DIY is shot on Zoom and it gives the impression that two friends are sharing stories. Keanu seems to enjoy the chance to talk about his career as a hero. He talks about the complex foot chase, and how Patrick Swayze excelled as a fighter, skydiver and surfer. He also discusses how a major neck surgery he had to undergo as he began training forThe Matrix

nearly hindered his career. Adkins teases a second episode. It’s packed with good stories. Reeves still hasn’t gotten to the sequels, or John Wick. The interview is embedded below, and is a must-watch. As is every episode of Adkins series. While you’re here, check out our list of Scott Adkins’ best action flicks! Sam Leggett from Team JVS shared the interview with us.

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