Richard Lewis hated Larry David “intensely” long before Curb Your Enthusiasm


Richard Lewis may have despised Larry David when they were kids, but he nows consider his Curb co-star one of his closest friends.

Richard Lewis has had some of the funniest scenes on Curb Your Enthusiasm, proving a fantastic and reliable partner to Larry David. But the two were far from hitting off in the early days, with Lewis saying he couldn’t stand being near the show’s creator.

Speaking with The Spectator, Richard Lewis recalled first meeting Larry David long before Curb Your Enthusiasm, noting their friendship — well, their familiarity — goes back to their pre-teen days. “I disliked him intensely. He was arrogant, cocky…When we played ball I tried to hit the ball at him: we were archrivals. I couldn’t have waited for the camp to end just to get rid of Larry. I’m sure that he felt the exact same way.”

Of Course, this changed dramatically as time went by and Lewis and David who are both 76 now stand as close friends. Richard Lewis, who announced that he would step down from the stage after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, will return to season 12 of Curb Your Enthusiasm despite his announcement. While he wanted David to beam him, they continue their friendship and collaboration. Lewis said, “In truth, he is my dearest friend and he loves me…But it’s rare for him go that deep.” Richard Lewis, who has worked with David for many years, said that the comedian knows how to use him in Curb

as it is based on their off-screen dynamic. “He knows my buttons emotionally… When he teases on his show, it’s exactly how he will do in real life ….It is no secret that Larry has made a lot of money. This is great for him. But I’ve always felt like I don’t want Larry to pick up the check when we go out to a restaurant. I couldn’t stand it and would say “Oh, Mr. Big Shot, I have a decent career. You don’t need to pick up my check.” Richard Lewis deserves to have a sandwich named after himself!What was your favorite Richard Lewis episode of Curb your Enthusiasm? Share your favorite Richard Lewis moment in the comments below!

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