Pokemon Concierge: Netflix & the Pokemon Company team up to create a new stop-motion series with a teaser trailer


A new cute sneak peek at a stop-motion show from Netflix and The Pokemon Company shows Haru and Psyduck catching rays.

Happy Pokemon Day! There is more news to come before you set out on your quest to catch them all. The Pokemon Company and Netflix have released a special sneak peek at the characters of Pokemon Concierge. This is to celebrate the day.

PokemonConcierge will star Haru and Psyduck. The new sneak peek from Netflix shows Haru, a Pokemon Resort concierge, and their interactions with owners and Pokemon. The series will be Netflix’s first collaboration production with The Pokemon Company.

The series was produced by critically acclaimed dwarf studios. Minyoung K, Vice President of Netflix Content Asia, released the following statement:“Netflix is excited to delight fans in Japan and around world with PokemonConcierge, a new visual and storytelling experience featuring groundbreaking stop-motion animation created in the Pokemon world in close collaboration by The Pokemon Company.

Minyoung Kim, Vice President of Netflix Content in Asia, said that the streaming service is excited to announce the new series on Pokemon Day. This announcement comes after long-awaited content from the video game and card game. Detective Pikachu was a success at the box office. However, Warner Bros. had previously announced that they were moving forward with plans for a sequel. Yet, there have been no updates, and Justice Smith, the film’s star has said that he doesn’t believe there will be a sequel, even though there were some changes due to the Warner Bros. and Discovery merger.

“I would love to be a part of Detective Pikachu 2. It’s possible, but I don’t know when. I think we should just be realistic about our hopes. It’s unlikely, I think. It’s something I really hope, though. I hope so. I hope so.01001010.

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